My evening

Sit down at computer to write blog post.
Plug in phone line.
Plug in battery back up and then plug in computer, speakers, DSL, Wireless to battery back up.
Affix a screw into the wall so the DSL filter can be attached (only have three of them).
Take packing wrap from around box and office chair.
Hunt for and find scissors.
Hunt for packing razor to no avail.
Put drawers in small desk.
Bring small desk from other room and place beside bigger table.
Dust off bigger table.
Bring bigger table into office.
Open window in office.
Find a place for the three boxes and the grinder on top of the bigger table.
Move chest across the room.
Unpack chest so it could be moved from across the room.
Turn on the TV in the office.
Dust off the TV in the office.
Found lost electrical cord for TV.
Look for and give up looking for remote for TV.
Eat sandwich.
Unpack small desk in bedroom.
Unravel electrical cords of all the computer stuff, internet stuff, DSL stuff.
Find computer speakers.
Look in boxes in garage.
Bring in cat food.
Drive in driveway and put car in garage.
At 4:00 PM decide to leave work a bit early to relax and get a good start on everything I need to do tomorrow.
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