Less than satisfied

I'm not sure why I'm stuck on this satisfaction theme, but I am less than satisfied. This is different than being content. I am content to rest in God's providence, provision, perfectness, and protection. I know He has a plan, and since His eye is on the sparrow, I know He watches me -- Ethel Waters' special song.

My Spirit is at peace, there is no worry or fretfulness that bothers me. Yet... I am less than satisfied.

I have family, and it is sweet. I have a ministry and it is sweet. I have two Bible study groups (one online and the other on Thursday mornings). I teach Sunday School. I sing in the choir and we are working on our Christmas cantata. yet, that is not enough. I hunger for that which is beyond my reach for now.

I am jealous that my Dad is enjoying the magnificence of Heaven, and our sweet Savior’s voice. I ache to be there, too. To fall at His feet, and to bask in His presence.

It is enough that Jesus died for me and that He has saved me. Yet, I know in my Spirit there is more, so much more and I yearn for my Beloved Bridegroom.

 And yet He is satisfied with leaving me here for a time. But soon... soon... “We will dance on the streets that are golden and every tongue and tribe and nation will join in the Song of the Lamb.”

On that day, what a glorious day, we will be satisfied. We will be filled with the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. No more tears, no more longing and yearning for something just beyond reach for it will be there, with Him, that we will be satisfied.
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