Things haven't changed

October 7, 1984. First presidential debate

I'll tell you what I think has been the most outrageous thing in political dialog, both in this campaign and the one in '82. And that is the continued discussion and claim that somehow I am the villain who is going to pull the Social Security checks out from those people who are dependent on them.

And why I think it is outrageous -- first of all, it isn't true. But why it is outrageous is because, for political advantage, every time they do that, they scare millions of senior citizens who are totally dependent on Social Security, have no place else to turn. And they have to live and go to bed at night thinking, "Is this true? Is someone going to take our check away from us and leave us destitute?'' And I don't think that that should be a part of political dialog.  Ronald Reagan, 1984

 It looks like after almost 30 years that tactics would have changed, that things would be better, that our politicians would have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. 

Things haven't changed.

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