A book left my site this month

I started using tynt.com to track information that is being found and is leaving my site every week. It is a great tool, but is limited to keywords and number of words that are leaving my blog. So, I don't know who is copying or where it is going.

Don't get me wrong. I love the fact that people are finding things on this blog they believe is worthy enough to repeat. That means that God is working through this blog, and is the "deal" we made together back in 2005. I knew this would be a huge responsibility and could make a difference in that God would use it to shine His light in a dark world. I wanted to be that reflection to others.

This is why I have kept this blog free of advertisements, and why I work so hard at it. According to Google Analytics, I get thousands of hits/page views every month which is great--that is part of what this blog is for, so that means it is working.

Last month a couple of friends used a paper I wrote for a class assignment on their blogs. I was so happy they let me know and even asked permission to use it. My site is protected by Creative Commons, meaning that the posts here are protected by copyright, and that whoever uses the information from here must give the author credit. I don't intend to charge for it. That's why I wrote my book :)

However, I would very much like to know where everything is going. That is one reason I put tynt publishing tool on my blog. Another reason is that last month more than 50,000 words left my blog and I am very curious to know where it is being posted or used. I'd also like to know if I can help anyone who is using posts from here by explaining or clarifying points. I would very much like to visit blogs that use these bits and pieces of posts to encourage comment and discussion. It is how God uses His children to spread the Gospel.

So, you are welcome to use any and all information you find here. You are welcome to challenge my thought processes. I would just ask that you please post a comment note telling me you've taken a post or part of one and where you are using it. I hope that is not too much to ask.

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