Biden, Cranky old man vs. Ryan, debonair

If you watched the debate last night, then you were either disgusted or delighted, but regardless you were entertained. #LaughingJoe had more than 7,000 followers on Twitter within an hour.

I was in the disgusted bunch. Someone asked, "Would you really be comfortable with that man as president?" A resounding, Heck No came out of my mouth. As rude as he was, he did make some good points. Too bad, I couldn't see past his smirk to actually listen to what he had to say. However, I am really glad that Joe Biden has not gone overseas anymore than he has because if he acts that way in front of millions of people on a split screen, to an opponent who treated him with great respect, then how bloody awful would he treat world leaders in private?

He acted like a cranky, old man who had not matured since he was 17, even after 35 years of political service. It looks like someone who was able to treat another VP candidate, Sarah Palin, with proper respect, he could do the same this time around. Apparently, he was trying to outshine Obama, more's the pity. He completely over did it.

Paul Ryan spoke well, made some excellent points, and stated that life begins at conception. While Joe Biden hemmed and hawed about his Catholic faith and said that they were not making the Catholic priests do anything against their faith. Ryan shot back, "Then why are they suing the federal government?"

Excellent point, but Martha and Joe walked all over him.

Last night proved to me that Paul Ryan is excellent material for our next to highest office, and if something horrible happened, I would be proud for him to be our president.

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