Self esteem vs Godly esteem

There are certain people in this world that have come to believe that they are completely useless. They have come to believe this for many various reasons. They believe they are only useful to be punching bags for others, to be rugs for others and that they could never be worthy to even breathe air much less to be of use for anything other than to cook, clean and be a repository for sperm.

These people believe what the world tells them and that is they are ugly. They believe what those around them tell them and that is they are useless. They do not believe what God tells them. I know, because I used to be like this as well.

One thing I have learned during my years with my Beloved Lord God and that is there is No Faith where there is no Hope. The two are so entwined and bonded together that it is impossible to have one without the other. And the third cord in the unbreakable heavenly rope is Love. With Faith and Hope comes Love. First the Godly Love that He pours into our hearts so that we can at least lift our face up to Him. Then comes the Faith and the Hope that Life really isn't ugly.

Most people equate self-esteem with selfishness, old nature, flesh, pride etc. This is demonstrated with false humility when we've done something for God. When we sing, "such a worm as I" and has now been changed to "such a one as I". We have changed the lyrics in our beloved hymns to remove the "wretches" and the "worms" because it is debilitating to our "self-esteem".  When we listen to the teaching that Selfishness and Ego and the Flesh are the same as Self-Esteem, we are removing Hope which takes away Faith and that takes away the capacity to recognize God's Love.

We love God because He created us with a huge God-sized hole within our hearts that only He can fill but we can only recognize something that Spiritual because He created us with a self-esteem that requires self-preservation almost at all costs. 

It is a God-created characteristic and is necessary for us to be able to recognize God's love. In other words, God created it on purpose.
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