What is going on in Washington DC?

Have you heard the latest? The Census will now be conducted out of the White House instead on done by the Dept. of Commerce. What makes Obama think he OR his staff OR anyone he can shake out of the bushes is qualified enough to conduct this important tool which almost everything governmental revolves around and is driven by...

Poverty levels determine who gets first crack at numerous grants and subsidies.
Percentages of color determine diversity percentages (and don't let anyone tell you that America is not driven by diversity percentages)
Numbers of people determines how many representatives each state has in Washington. DUH!
Numbers of people also determines amounts of money each state receives automatically from the federal government.
Guesstimates will prevail, rather than actual head count... How is that fair and balanced?

The huge question is this: Doesn't this NEW president without any experience have enough to do getting acclaimated without taking on this huge, monumental task of counting heads?

HooRAY for Rep. Marsha Blackburn R-Tennesee. Someone is paying attention in the House, but is it enough?
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