Is that One for the Chipper?

I'm feeling just better enough to be a bit crabby. The fact that Christmas was good enough as Christmas for our founding fathers and that without Jesus there wouldn't have even been a reason to come to the Americas makes what is happening now worse than a shame.

Our laws are based on Biblical principles. Our ethics are based on Christian ethical standards. Our country was based on a Christian foundation. Yet, we still have a small percentage of people that want to rule our world by insisting on a "Holiday Tree" instead of a Christmas Tree.

Give me a break.

We have a malestorm brewing and it seems to be the Christians are not in the center of the arena helpless before the lions. Falwell on one side is "going to suebanyone who spreads what they see as misinformation about Christmas celebrations in public spaces." What kinds of Christian attitude is that? On the other side we have the pagans who are offended by any mention of Christ or Christmas. They reject Jesus but can't find anything to worship that comes even close to our Lord. Then we have Gov. Arnold who last year "blessed" holiday trees, but this "year lit what he called a Christmas Tree", so stated the news article. The newspaper couldn't call it a Christmas Tree outright. Are we standing firm or are we being blown away in the wind?

Over 50 million websites use the term Christmas Tree and only about 1.6 million use the term Holiday Tree. Is it a trend that just isn't taking hold? I sure hope so. Anyone over the age of 20 has heard, and called it a Christmas Tree for over 20 years so that's a habit that will be hard to break. If it takes 30 days to break a habit then that means it just might take 30 years to break the Christmas habit. We can only hope and pray.

It is Christmas Season; it is Christmas break, Christmas holidays, Christmas vacation, Christmas present, Christmas decorations, Christmas wreath, Christmas cards. Christmas is about Christ! Without Christ there is no Hope, or Faith and certainly, no Love. It is plain as a pikestaff, the Federal Government lets Federal employees off for the Christmas holiday so if the Federal Gov't recognizes Christmas, how can we do anything else? Christmas Holiday. Now that is a term I really like, especially since holiday is a shortened term for Holy Day so Christmas Holy Day is perfectly GREAT for me! How about you?
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