Catch the nose

... it's running! I sit here perfectly miserable. Oh, I'm estatically happy that I'll graduate with honors and that I have a great job which I have been wanting for so long. But...

My body has these electric aches that whenever a piece of lint scrapes against my skin it feels like a little person is going happy with a sledge hammer. My head feels like Tweety Bird just spit out a huge piece of bubble gum in it and Snoopy is doing the Happy Dance on top of it. Even though the room is 75 degrees, I'm freezing, but it's too hot to back up to the fireplace. Would someone get the 500 pound fat lady off my chest and make her go sing someplace else like a galaxy far, far away. Tissue hurts my nose and my throat is so scratchy we could use it to sand down the house.

And our choir's cantata is Sunday night! Oh me!

This, ladies and gents, is what you get when you brag that you are healthy as a horse. It is what you get when you go Christmas shopping in cold nasty weather right before you are supposed to sing to bring glory to God. Oh my.

Let me tell you about the Christmas shopping. This is really the first year since my divorce that I've really had the Christmas spirit and wanted to go shopping. Mom and I prayed as we drove to town (94 miles away) that God would bring us to the exact thing we should give to each person and that we would have fun. Usually I'm waiting for Mom to finish or she (rarely) has to wait for me. We met up in front of the milk--quite by accident-- and decided to get some coffee. We rested and chatted then parted ways to finish up our shopping. Then we met again at the check outs...she walked right into an empty stall and I traveled a tad farther and walked right into an empty stall [shock]. Then we headed home. All our shopping was done in one day. I'm in awe how God works to smooth paths and how He helps in the little things if we only ask. It is so astounding, I've almost forgotten my head, throat, stomach ache. One day we won't have to worry about germs, amen?

Since He does such astounding work in the little things, I'm quite positive I'll be just fine come Sunday night so that I can glorify Him. That's what it's all about, anyway.
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