Who should be the next Speaker of the House???

Received  this from my US Representative Steven Palazzo... What do you think?

Who Should the Next Speaker Be?
Over the past weeks, I have listened to my colleagues about what they want to see in a Speaker. They want to see these principles in action and they want to see leadership.  I went down the list of the 246 Republicans in the House and one name came up again and again: Congressman Marsha Blackburn.   From her strong pro-life stance to her fight to protect our Second Amendment right to bear arms, Congressman Blackburn is a proven conservative fighter.

Last year, she led the fight against amnesty in the House, as well as sponsored legislation known as the CLEAR act that gives law enforcement the tools they need to assist the Federal government in deporting criminal illegal immigrants from our country.  She has an A rating from the American Conservative Union and a high lifetime conservative score from Heritage Action.

She isn’t afraid to stand up to the establishment whether it’s in Washington, DC or at home.  When her liberal Republican governor in Tennessee tried to pass a state income tax, she led the fight against it and WON. She doesn’t just fight to fight, she fights to win.

Best of all, Marsha is a Mississippi native. She is from Jones County and went to Mississippi State. What better person to unite our party, fight this president and his liberal policies, and lead the House of Representatives? It would be historic.

Marsha is a candidate that could lead the Republican Party once again.  She is a results-oriented true conservative.  She knows how to get the job done while maintaining her conservative values and principles.  I am urging my friends in Congress to support Congressman Marsha Blackburn for Speaker, and hope others around the country will do the same.
 Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I am all for someone who is straight-line conservative. What do you think?
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