If you have heard of e-Sword and have it on your electronic device, I guess I'm preaching to the choir. If you do no know about it, I suggest you look into it.

It's free.

While that isn't what commends it most, I always like to know the price of something before I invest any sort of time into research or study of a thing to see if I want it or not. It is free. Something that has this much value in our daily lives  is free.

It is an electronic Bible study source. I have 22 translations of the Bible on my computer, along with 17 commentaries, and 12 Extras that include Josephus' War of the Jews and Antiquities of the Jews; Tortured for Christ, the Anti-Nicene Fathers' writings (Polycarp, Ignacious, etc.). Not all the Extras, Bibles, and Commentaries are free, but most of them are. I bought my NJKV and The Message, and I bought Nelson's Bible Manners and Customs, too.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I just read a post by someone who made a profound statement that the reason so many Christians gravitate to cults is because they are not rooted in Scripture. They get fuzzy-feel-goods from church but no meat and no roots. I did not know that these Seeker-type churches had terrible track records for longevity in church attendance. Those kinds of churches are bleeding as many members as they are gaining every year.

It isn't a numbers game!

There is a huge difference between quality and quantity. It matters that there are people sitting on pews around the world that truly are not possessors of Jesus Christ. That is so horrendous it makes me shiver. I ache for the body of Christ, but I weep for the lost who don't even know they are lost.

I do not get any meat from the sermons on Sunday morning. Those are directed to the lost and hungry. The meat comes on Sunday night and on Wednesday nights. Lately, I have not been able to attend those other two times because school duties are pressing me down. So, if I did not study my Bible regularly, I would be starving right now.

It isn't the Pastor's job to feed you!

We are sheep and your pastor is the shepherd. Shepherds do not stuff sheep mouths with grass or chew their cud for them. They lead sheep to green pastures. It is up to the sheep to eat. So read your Bible daily. Go to church regularly. Get close to God and live worship. Worship is not an event. It isn't something that you do a few times a month. Worship is a lifestyle and designed by God to keep you out of trouble of your own making.

Yes, we Christians experience trials and troubles that are common to man. We live in a fallen world ruled by a fallen angel and live with fallen men. But, we have God to carry us through it all, and our only obligation is to give Him glory, honor, and praise. We do that by living worship. The closer to Him we cuddle, the easier it is to live worship.

That is my rant for the day!

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