The Third Temple

Chaim Clorfene has recently published a book on the Third Temple, called THE MESSIANIC TEMPLE (Understanding Ezekiel's Prophecy), Menorah Books
The link above will take you to an interesting article concerning the two Second Temples (Ezra and Herod's refurbished Second Temple). The Third Temple is the one Ezekiel describes in chapters 40-48. I found a very interesting article by Lambert Dolphin written from a Christian point of view. There is something very crucial to note in the above graphic. The 2nd Temple has the altar slightly south of the east to west line from the Golden Gate into the Holy of Holies. Ezekiel's 3rd Temple, the altar is in direct line. What is not shown is that the inner room in the 3rd Temple is completely open to the sun all the way through because there is no laver, veil or golden altar of incense, and so forth. Please take note in Dolphin's page (click on his name to go to that page) where these are mentioned in the Bible.

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