Secret Service, Chaperones, and Pumpkins

So now the Secret Service has to have chaperones in order to police how they act. It has already been said several times that those who had prostitutes in their rooms were a smidgeon of the whole, and several have already been cleared from wrongdoing. Last Saturday, Obama joked about needing to get home to get his Secret Service people home before curfew as if they'd turn into pumpkins after midnight. he thinks it's funny.

That is not funny.

It shows what a tasteless and clueless person he is.

What is shocking to me is that these people are charged with protecting his life, and he's going to joke about them? It seems that there is a deeper problem exposed in that Obama is trying to hard to be funny and to be touted as a celebrity, using his office to that end rather than focusing on the real problems at hand such as the economy... and unemployment. Oh, yeah, he blames GOP for those problems. It is always someone else's fault, never his. Finger pointing began with Adam and Eve, and it didn't work well for them, either.

I'm not at all impressed. I think our country is in the tirlet and we've got to do some flushing and bowl cleaning hoping the bad stuff will be filtered out and we'll come out fresher, cleaner, and usable at the other end. Frankly, I'm not holding my breath.
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