Drones--Privacy blasters?

More than 50, yes, I said 50 organizations have been given approval by the FAA to use drones. Those are the electronic eyes in the sky machines that two decades ago were merely science fiction called "Hawks" which The Outer Limits awakened us to so long ago. Drones will be flying the skies perhaps at a university near you, or city, or farm, or al queda cell. Of course it won't be until 2015, yet, it is still a scary proposition.

No more skinny dipping in the backyard pool... unless you want to be eye candy for some agency in the air. But, criminals trying to grow marijuana or farmers being paid not to grow something but grow it anyway, or criminals in the drug industry will be targets of observation. The surveillance equipment will encompass infrared cameras, radar, wireless sniffers, video cameras, flir (thermal imagers) and the like. So in rain, sleet, dark or night these bats will be keeping us safe--er, uh--keeping us all under surveillance to catch those at their illegal avocations. We will be protected for our own good whether our privacy is violated or not.

Where will all these drones come from? Iraq, Afghanistan, and other points of the earth. Of course all the weaponry will be removed, right? Of course. These are just for spying not for prohibiting or violent enforcement of the law. Why does that episode of The Outer Limits keeping replaying in my mind?

All this with Zimmerman going to trial for standing his ground. Oh, I know there is a lot that hasn't come to light to the general public. One brave reporter told us that there was a lot of proof of what Zimmerman said in his own defense was true. He actually did have a bloody nose. He actually did have grass stains on his back, but that should all come out in the trial. So, if there had been drones in the sky... and if, say, they still had weaponry... and--let's, just for grins, consider this situation seriously for a moment--if, perchance, the drone had some sort of intelligence like the Hawks did in that Outer Limits episode, who do you think would have been shot? If Zimmerman had to wear a bullet proofed vest in the court room, for crying out loud, which ones are relying on violence for justice I'd really like to know.

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