Squeaky wheel is ruining America

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I open the newspaper or watch the news and invariably I see some small group screaming for "rights" or see commercials from networks being blatantly biased which makes me so very insecure with the knowledge that we'll never get the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us God.

These small groups such as the homosexuals (.773% of households in the U.S. are same sex couples according to 2010 Census) make up 1.5% of the population much, much less than the touted 10%. Such a tiny percent of the population rules the networks.

Now I'm seeing NBC running ads against the tax breaks for the so-called rich which shows they haven't done their homework. It's the blind leading the blind and they are heading toward a ditch which we'll call Collapse of American Economy. They are influencing the American public who are willingly wearing blindfolds called apathy and stupidity for not seeking out the whole truth and nothing but the truth. How many times in school did I hear, "Don't believe everything you read,"? Too many to count. I learned ages ago that people have agendas and those with agendas will leave out pertinent facts that do not align with the agenda. It boils down to Gossip. Yet, the American Public is swallowing it as Gospel.

In one ad a man gripes about the lack of jobs. Here's the question that has been answered time and again: until the economy is stabilized,  there won't be an abundance of new jobs. The economy won't be stabilized until there is more than a 2 month assurance of tax rate stabilization. We are circling in a Catch 22.

Sadly, everyone wants something grand in their pockets but unfortunately fewer and fewer are willing to work for it. The work ethic in this country has deteriorated into gimme, gimme rather than fair deal when you give something of value in return for something of value. When did that happen? I think it was when the Depression babies grew up without anything and wanted their children to have everything without teaching them the real value of a dollar. Just a guess, here, nothing so scientific as a survey.

Look at what James Franco campaigned to do and succeeded in getting a university to fire the professor who dared to give him a "D" in a class Franco only attended 2 times out of 14 classes. For me, the "D" is very soft, he should have received an "F". This is classic wanting something for nothing.  Where I go to school, attendance is crucial because when you are earning your Master's you don't have tests to take in the regular sense. You are in a more professional environment of learning and Franco couldn't have possibly done the work required when he didn't even show up for class.

Paul reminded the Thessalonians 2Th 3:10  For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.  God is emphatic that we should give value for value. The main thing is we Christians are not our own, but we belong to God. Of the 78% Americans who reported in a Pew survey in 2007 that they are Christian (mostly Protestant or Catholic with a smattering of other faiths) there should be 78% of all Americans who understand this truth. Where are they? Why aren't Christians standing up for righteous living? Why isn't there an outcry of "Foul!" to MSNBC for these biased ads? Are we so immune to opinion these days that we just accept something as truth just because it's seen on a network station? Where have all the brains gone?

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