Gingrich rhetoric not newt--er--news

I stand amazed at the extremely short memories of American citizens when it comes to politics as usual and especially with Newt Gingrich. The Gen-Xers can be forgiven because this is the first time they've heard the master spinner at work,  but the Babyboomers heard it all the first go round when he was Speaker of the House.

His extra-curricular marital activities were some of the most in-your-face I've seen and when confronted with it, his reply? "It's none of your damn business." Just what he recently said... again.

This is not a prude's response, nor a do-gooder response, I don't have my head in the sand. I've got a very clear head, and it is the clear head of a conservative, who saw it all unfold twenty years ago. The rhetoric hasn't changed a whit. If the man's wife (or I should say wives) can't trust him, then why should the American people trust him? When a person takes those vows of marriage, then that means commitment of a very certain kind which Newt does not have. If he won't stay true to his wife/wives, then he won't stay true to his word because having an affair is breaking his word and breaking his bond. It's sickening.

Ann Coulter: (During the House ethics investigation of Gingrich, he produced notes in which he reminds himself to "allow expression of warm/smiling/softer side.")

After Gingrich had been speaker for a brief two years, the Republican House voted 395-28 to reprimand him and fine him $300,000 for ethics violations.

(Sen. Bob Dole loaned Gingrich the money in what was called the first instance of an airbag being saved by a person.)

It's true that Newt has had some good ideas -- but also boatloads of bad ones, such as his support for experimentation on human embryos, cap and trade, policies to combat imaginary man-made global warming, an individual health insurance mandate, Dede Scozzafava (Romney supported the tea party candidate), amnesty for illegal aliens, Al Gore's bill to establish an "Office of Critical Trends Analysis" to prepare government reports on "alternative futures" (co-sponsored by Gingrich), and thinking he could get away with taking $1.6 million from Freddie Mac without anyone noticing.
 Regardless of what you think about Ann Coulter, she does her homework, she has the memory of an elephant, and she's more often than not on target with what she says.

Before you pick your candidate--do some homework and dig for truth. You might be sorely surprised... then again, you just might remember more than you thought you did.

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