Obama' birth certificat: Let the record show

Ever since Obama started running for president, the birthers (no, really that’s what they are being called) have been up in arms about Barack's lack of a valid birth certificate.

First they accused him of not submitting a certificate of birth because it was just a “live birth certificate”. Well, all righty then, he was born alive. What else did they want? There is enough red tape at the state level without the states being required to issue live birth certificates for every infant that enters the state. That goes beyond ridiculous. My birth certificate states
at the top "Live Birth Certificate".

Surprisingly, when the White House produced a copy of his birth certificate, to them it wasn’t sufficient proof he actually was born in the United States.

Now, they are saying that he’s not a citizen because Hawaii was not a state  at the time of his birth. Really? That is now what they are saying. Let’s go to the source of the law to get a clarification on what the law requires for citizenship.

There is this thing called Birthright Citizenship stemming from the 14th Amendment. It states that those persons born of U.S. citizens (either both parents or just one parent) shall have the citizenship of the U.S. by birthright. Those persons having been born on U.S. soil be it within a member state of the United States, or one of it’s territories shall have citizenship by birthright. A person born in Puerto Rico is a U.S. citizen whether both or one parent was born in the U.S. or not. The person is a citizen because of the place born, not because of the parents’ citizenship.

Hawaii became annexed by the United States in 1898 after the Spanish/American War when the government recognized its strategic location. Two year later, Hawaii was officially confirmed as a United States Territory. This fact alone would make Obama a citizen, however birthers don’t recognize his live birth certificate as proof he was actually born in Hawaii.  

According to birthright citizenship, if a person is born to a U.S. citizen, then that person is forever a U.S. citizen. Obama’s mother was born in Kansas. She was and is a U.S. citizen. This fact alone make him a United States citizen.

So, can we move along now?
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