Nothing is impossible

God has shown us beyond any reasonable doubt that nothing is impossible. Since the creation of the universe and the promise of a Savior, God has made sure that we know with Him all things are possible.

What is that single thing which causes things to be possible?

Noah built an ark with no prior knowledge of boat building, and built it through divine guidance. (Gen 6:14) Then, God shut the door after Noah and family entered it along with all the animals two by two and two by sevens.

Was it Noah's faith that brought his and his family's salvation from the floods? First and foremost it was Noah's belief that God is who He says He is and God will do what He says He will do. Without belief, Noah would never have cut the first plank for the ark.

God did not miraculously make the ark appear. Noah and his sons built it. Therefore, it was God and Noah together who made that ark happen. Even after 120 years of preaching (Gen 6:3, 2 Peter 2:5) the flood would come, Noah never gave up his belief. That took faith: his knowledge of things not seen because of his belief in the one, true God Almighty.

Noah believed and he built.

Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice His only son by Sarah, the promised boy that the Angel of the Lord had told both Abraham and Sarah would come in about nine months. Abraham took the boy with him and headed for Mt. Moriah to sacrifice the boy. When Isaac asked where was the animal they would sacrifice, Abraham replied, "Don't worry, God will provide." Abraham was absolutely sure of one thing: God would always keep His promises.

Abraham told his servant to wait because he and the boy would return. This is not only belief, but faith in action. It is taking God at His word, expecting Him to uphold His promise whether supernaturally or physically. Oh, to have faith such as this!

God spoke to Joseph in two dreams and Joseph believed God. The young boy was transformed from a spoiled brat into a forgiving and loving man who trusted God at His word. He became second in command of the vast kingdom of Egypt. He only answered to Pharaoh himself, but he put God above all and was blessed beyond measure.

Rahab knew the Israelites God had parted the waters and had provided strength to the Children of Israel beyond mere human strength. When others trembled, she trusted Caleb and Salmon and their God. When the walls of Jericho tumbled down, her home in the wall of Jericho did not falter and her family remained safe. Was it because of a scarlet cord stretched down from her window? It was certainly a sign, but it was the power of the Lord that kept them secure.

The Hall of Faithers is in Hebrews 11. For all time, those who have trusted in the only true God have been blessed with fascinating testimonies. Those like Moses have told God, "I can't" then God has proven to them and the world, "I can with God."

It was with willing hearts they trusted and with God's power they did. God will make sure His promises are fulfilled and that His work gets done. What a blessing to be called, to act willingly to be the conduit of God's power as a testimony to the world.
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