If Jesus had come THAT day...

January 16, 2006 -- I am not satisfied.

These are the things I would have missed:

1. A great job at the newspaper in Picayune.
2. I wouldn't have studied so much about bullying or written so many articles on it.
3. I would never have met the two beautiful horses rescued from abuse that received wonderful homes.
4. I would never have learned so much about abused children or been able to do something about it through CASA.
5. I would never have learned how to use a MAC computer or learn Quark really well.
6. I would never have used my economic development and community development certificates with the Picayune Chamber.
7. I would never have met such wonderful people whose main interest was to help Picayune grow.
8. I would never have lived so close to my daughters (both about an hour away).
9. Never so close to my sister and nephews.
10. I would not have written my book, "Refreshment in Refuge" nor would I have had the material to write "When Christians Hurt Christians".
11. I doubt I would have learned that Jesus is my best friend, and my mother is my second best along with my daughters.
12. God would not have reached hundreds of people through me and my columns and my book and my blog. I am His instrument and He plays a fine fiddle.

Question: If Jesus had come the day you longed and ached for Him most, what would you have missed?
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