Movie cliche's

These from Matthew Boice. He seems to know something about Star Wars:

Buttons are impervious to the Force; you can use the Force to fling an object at a button, but not to press the button directly.

Everyone falling from a great height is strong enough to grab a non-elastic rope or cable, stopping their descent instantaneously, without ripping their arms off. Also, a superhero in a standing position can catch you 4 feet above the ground without hurting you. The lesson is, just don't hit the ground and you'll be fine.

Even though turning on a light doesn't eject the bulb from its socket, giving a person an electric shock will fling him over a counter (there is always a counter or a table or a hand cart) and across the room.

Electricity prefers to travel through the air just outside of an actual conductor to give it that neat crackly lightning effect.

Castration and groin injuries change the pitch of a man's voice as if he had never had testosterone in the first place.

Guns have no recoil.

No airliner can survive an action movie without a gunshot causing decompression. Luckily, having half the fuselage ripped off will not change the aerodynamics of the plane.

A ghost possessing a living person uses that person's lips and tongue to form sounds, but it uses someone else's vocal cords.

Some thoughts of my own...

It is necessary for the heroine to pant when she’s been scared because this allows the audience to not have to hold their breath. (I thought everyone knew this.)

People actually do go into shock at traumatic events like car wrecks and erupting volcanoes but only those that do not have a last name in the credits or who are known as ‘man on highway’ or ‘waitress no. 2’ die.

Cars are always crashed end over end or take 3 flips in the air. The reason for this is so that there is a reason for all the fake blood or for the broken ankle which makes it necessary for the female to be carried over 50 miles of desert.

Which reminds me that broken ankles, twisted ankles or sprained ankles never swell up in movies, nor do they turn blue. It only takes about an hour and the thing’s perfectly healed.

That reminds me that bruises, cuts, scrapes and vast amounts of blood loss are miraculously healed in the matter of a few moments, but a broken pair of glasses must be mended with a white piece of tape for the entire movie.

Action movie actors can run faster than cars.

It only takes 30 seconds to teach someone how to dance good enough to win an award – at the max an hour.

It is perfectly all right to wake up and kiss your mate without brushing your teeth. In the movies there is no such thing as morning breath.

It is absolutely necessary in horror movies for the victim to lock all the doors and windows with the homicidal maniac inside the house.

Arbitrary endings are out of fashion.... THANK you!

It is critical to make a movie from a book that actually had no foul language and put foul language in it for exactly what reason I have no clue.

What are some things YOU have noticed?
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