Stand up or get blown over

It seems that the media has become overly concerned about
making the rules rather than reporting.

In an article on Media Research Center's Newsbusters the rant has now turned to Springsteen's bullying North Carolina because he doesn't like the "new" law about men using the men's room and women using the women's room.

How is it that  .001 % of the population can stir up such a storm? You do know that out of the more than 323 million US citizens, only about 523,000 ( actually own up to living the lifestyle, don't you? That is very far from 10%-20% of the population.

Society does NOT decide what is sin and what is not sin, nor does society have the right to determine what is wrong and what is right. There is a Plumbline that is our standard, and it is not what ever celebrity that can gather the most support for a particular idea or movement says is moral.

I am appalled at what Steven Van Zandt declared: “You gotta hurt people economically to have them do the right thing morally. We’re going to try and stop this right now, hopefully other people will rise up and join us.”

What does this guy know of morals? He was married by Little Richard!

My question is this: How can requiring males and females use associated gender restrooms be discriminatory?

I do NOT want to bring my grandbaby into a bathroom where a man dressed like a woman is using the pot. A person cannot, will never, no not ever be able to change his or her DNA to reflect a different gender than the one God gave him or her. I don't care how much a person whines or cries, God decided his gender and that settles it. God declared homosexualism is an abomination, and that settles it.

Christians, if we don't take a stand against the immorality permeating our country, then we'll be blown by each passing wind and tossed by each wave.
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