Selling intact dead babies as "line items" - Not just fetal tissue

Planned Parenthood is selling intact dead babies at 20 weeks gestation. And some people are crying over an old, dead lion! These are human babies that have no voices to cry or protest what is happening to them!

Back in 2005 there was an amazing breakthrough concerning stem cell research. I wrote this about it:

At the risk of getting up on a soap box, let's take a hard look at this. Why would God give hope to the dying for a cure by causing the death of an innocent? He would not. He spared Nineveh because of their repentance but also because there were 120,000 innocent babes that could not tell their right from their left (Jonah 4:11) plus much cattle. Many have argued that God ordered many innocents killed when the Israelites took over Canaan. True, but also many were left there in order to test Israel's heart for obedience to God and for them to learn warfare. (Judges 2:22) .

What I find truly intriguing is that the university where the fellows that discovered this amazing thing held back from letting the paper Stems Cells Express be published until they could get a patent on the discovery. At first, I'm thinking, "Good for them." Then I think, "Wha--?" Of course it's the process, but granny-get-your-gun, you can't get a patent on a placenta and blast it, you can't keep this sort of thing from helping others and keeping even more embryos from being destroyed. (Yes, there is a ban in the U.S. on that, but not in the rest of the world!)

Hooray they've found the alternative to embryonic murder! But, it's truly a sad day when we must cover our bases (patent) before we can share medical breakthroughs like this. 
Today I found out that very close to where I live right here on the Gulf Coast, Planned Parenthood has been selling murdered baby parts for research, including things like stem cells, thymus, etc. for research to cure all kinds of diseases.

I burst into tears watching the latest video released. These people have no sense of compassion, and zero sense for the sanctity of life. I wonder what would happen if they found out that the newly aborted baby that was hanging from their forceps was their own grandbaby. I wonder how they would feel if they could never get pregnant, but wanted a baby so badly they were aching. God, please have mercy on their souls. Open their eyes, Lord God. Take them to task; bring it home to them like no other truth they have ever faced! In Jesus name, amen.

Oh, hurry up, Jesus, come Lord Jesus, come.
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