Relative Policing???

There is a director of community relations at Wisconsin University who believes that catching and prosecuting shoplifters that steal from "big box" stores such as Walmart and Target is wrong ... "They have insurance..." he says.

This panel discussion discussed legal relativism. That basically means that each community should decide which laws are good for the community and enforced, and which laws should not be enforced because they are not good for the community.

I find this kind of thinking and whacked out reasoning impossible to understand. How can it be good for the community for Walmart to hike prices to cover the costs of shoplifting? How can it be good for everyone for Target to hike prices to cover costs of insurance? That makes no sense to me.

This is so much like those who pick and choose which of God's commandments to obey and which ones to ignore!

What are colleges teaching these days? Evidently there is no absolute truth. So what is going to happen when these poorly educated youth die and try to get into Heaven?

"What? Sayin' I'm sorry ain't good enuf?" asks a confused youth.
"What part of 'obey My commands' did you not understand, confused one?" asks Peter.
"Well, it's all relative, right? So Jesus is my relative, right? So why can't I get past those pearly gates? Hmmm, them real pearls, Pete?"
Alas, the confused and unrepentant youth does not get past go and does not collect his eternal life because he did not listen to his mamma when she taught him about Jesus.

This kind of thinking teaches nothing. Oh, I know, there are many people who do not believe laws and morals actually teach anything because it seems you can't legislate morality. However, before one gets too many years of growth on his or her body, there is instilled within the brain the knowledge of right and wrong. That comes from parents who care about how their children act. So is it just the children who did not learn right from wrong to blame for this kind of thinking?

Who is to blame for this ignorant reasoning? The parents? Churches? The schools' programs and curriculum? The children? Society? End Times? I think it is: All of the above.

One thing is for certain. If we Christians allow this kind of thinking to become rampant, the chaos is sure to reign.
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