Homosexual marriages a right?

Sounds rather like an oxymoron to me since God never recognized homosexuality as right, but as an abomination in His eyes.

The fact that so many homosexuals say that you can't use the Bible in your argument against homosexuality because they don't recognize it as an authority. Frankly, it doesn't matter whether someone believes something is true or not. Believing a falsehood never makes that falsehood a truth. By the same token, believing truth does not make that truth any truer. Truth is not relative no matter how much one wants it to be.

The Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy put the scales down on the side of homosexual "rights" in the ruling about homosexual marriage. Strangely enough, it seems the reason for him siding with homosexuals is because of children...

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing on behalf of the court, said the hope of gay people intending to marry "is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right."
"Without the recognition, stability and predictability marriage offers, their children suffer the stigma of knowing their families are somehow lesser," Kennedy wrote.

Here is the biological fact that cannot be denied. An egg cannot fertilize an egg, and a sperm cannot fertilize a sperm. It takes both the male and the female to conceive a child. What a homosexual couple does to have children is to accept this truth while denying God's truth about marriage.

The judge's reasoning also assumes that homosexual couples will automatically have children, so therefore the children deserve the stability and predictability marriage offers. Really?

Where is the logic in that? Homosexual couples must at least recognize the truth that they cannot possibly have natural born offspring and must rely upon a male and female couple to propagate in order to adopt a child, or rely upon at least one person of the opposite gender to conceive a child.

This is the truth that cannot be denied: Procreation must come from two people of opposite gender. Therefore, homosexual couples cannot procreate together; it is unnatural, not natural.

Finally, many survey have established that the divorce rate in America is around 52%. Divorce rate of Evangelical Christian believers is around 27%.

In a study by Timothy J. Dailey, Ph. D. Senior Fellow, Center for Marriage and Family Studies that compares lifestyles of homosexual couples to married couples we find some not-so-surprising results.

Relationship duration is far shorter than heterosexual couples, promiscuity is greater, commitment is weaker, healthy risks are greater, and domestic violence is greater. Read the article to see the statistics.

To me this is not only an indication of how the human race is degenerating, but also how our faith in God is degenerating. We believers are allowing it because we seem to be blasting the message that we not only hate the sin, but we hate the sinner. I mean that word "hate" not as Jesus meant we should hate our parents, brothers, and sisters in order to love Him. Christians seem to have a problem with how we minister to the lost. 

When a relationship breaks apart, the hurt is overwhelming. Since homosexuals do not have a majority of lasting relationship, and homosexual  males tend to have eight or more sexual partners within their supposed monogamous relationships, the hurting person could be reached. It is plain to me that homosexuals are searching for some permanency in their relationships, otherwise they would not be fighting so hard for recognized marriage.

If we could just help them to see beyond any doubt that a relationship with God is far superior to any earthly relationship, then perhaps we could help them find what they have been searching. If we could just help them see by our love that God is always true, always faithful, always forgiving, forever reliable, and loves so deeply and so lastingly that nothing can snatch us from His hand, then perhaps the scales of deceit would fall from their eyes. My heart just breaks for them.
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