ABC Family channel is NOT family friendly

Here is an email that I sent to Robert Iger at Disney about another gross TV show about two teens who begin dating and both have fathers that are transgender and going through sex change procedures! ACK! The channel is deftly trying to desensitize America's youth by airing this kind of anti-family, anti-God's-plan for families. See below and feel free to copy and send your own letter. I copied this letter from OneMillionMom's website.

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Subject: ABCF continues to push away viewers and sponsors
As a grandparent and a member of, I am concerned about this new ABC Family Channel program called "Becoming Us." I am disgusted that your network finds this suitable content for a family channel. ABC Family Channel is being irresponsible and causing great damage to our culture.

I am appalled that ABC intends to air a show that features the transgender lifestyle in a positive light on a family channel. I strongly encourage ABC to drop all plans to air the program "Becoming Us."

I am extremely concerned that ABC Family feels a lack of responsibility toward the MAJORITY of families in the U.S. This need to be politically correct has crossed the line in pushing the LGBT agenda into what the MAJORITY of families would expect to be safe entertainment. Less than .4% of Americans admit to being homosexual, and less than that are transgender! It's sickening how this channel panders to the extreme minority!

Two men transforming into women is not natural and is completely unacceptable material for a family network. Obviously, ABC Family Channel is attempting to desensitize America’s youth. There is plenty of time to do the right thing and pull the plug on this series.

My family and I commit to contact sponsors that advertise during this program if your network follows through with this show. We will urge advertisers to place this program on their "do not advertise" list AND urge them to put the entire ABC Family Channel on their "do not advertise" list in protest of pushing mature and offensive content on children all across America.

My family and I will not be watching "Becoming Us" or anything else on ABC Family Channel in order to avoid seeing the previews for this new show, unless you make some needed changes to your lineup. 
Gina Burgess
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