Does this make you angry?

Michelle Obama tells high school students to police family members for racial insensitivity...

It's the headline for a story about a speech Michelle gave last Friday in Topeka to high school students. She tells them segregation still exists, and urges them to watch for any "racially insensitive" comments from their elders and to challenge the person's comment.

This is not the first comment from WH officials that segregation still exists. Eric Holder said the same thing in a graduation speech. It seems to me that the forcing of students to far away school districts so that there would be an equal racial number of students did not work well back in the 70s and 80s. But, judges were adamant, and police enforced it because it was the law. Nothing has changed in that regard since then. So those who have been screaming racism (read that Democrats) are once again taking a bit different tack and adding Unfairness to the mix, when natural segregation over the years has prevailed down through the eons. You can't make people act contrary to their natural inclinations for where to live, what to eat, and sundry other things that humans like to do.

Too many people to count died during prohibition! They knew it was bad, but they did it anyway.

I cannot understand why humans are immune to learning from history.

Then the Elders must be wary of their children's policing. love hump day. Hump day is the pivotal day of the week when you can look forward to the weekend. It's a mid-week perk up day when making plans for the weekend is that energizer boost we all need.
Prejudice is one thing, but being politically correct has gotten to far out of hand that it's flying way up there around Pluto. Hump day! I

Message to all the political correct police: Get over yourself. Put on the shield of tolerance, put on the helmet of generosity, buckle on the belt of truth, yes, but make sure your boots of leeway do not tread on the toes of others.
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