About the father who was arrested...

I have to wonder out loud if this father had not been arrested for "disorderly conduct" would the offensive book have been removed from the classroom?

The dad was arrested for talking longer than two minutes at a school board meeting. He was voicing his displeasure that the school issued a book with a graphic sex scene in it to his 14 year old daughter without his permission.

If he had talked for two minutes then sat down, would the book have stayed in the curriculum? Would the parents of the other students have even know there was a graphic sex scene in the book? Did the school board know? How did they feel about it? Would they have allowed their own children to read the book? Would America have known this kind of practice was even taking place in our "common core" school system?

Jesus promised a long time ago that whatever wickedness was committed it would come into the light. This is an example of that kind of wickedness coming to light.

It is outrageous that young teens are subjected to sexual content and foul language in PG-13 movies. I am appalled that the rating system says what used to be R is now PG-13. Now, instead of reading Charles Dickens or some other classic literature, young teens are handed a foul book to read.

Parents, you are forewarned. The education system is polluted and will pollute your child if you are not paying close attention.

Lord, Jesus, come quickly!
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