Political correctness -- an illustration

courtesy of happykanppy at FreeDigitalPhotos
Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke at a prayer breakfast Feb. 7, 2013 and gave this illustration on political correctness:

There was a man who just loved giving his mother unique and exotic gifts for Mother's Day presents. One year he ran out of ideas, and cast about for anything unique or outrageous. He found some exotic birds that could sing, dance, and talk. Fabulous birds that cost $5,000. He was so excited he bought two of them and sent them to his mom in time for Mother's Day.

He was so excited about that present, he could hardly wait to call her that morning to find out how she liked her present. Finally, the day arrived and he called, "Momma! Momma! How did you like those birds?"

"They was good!"

"No, no, Momma. Tell me you didn't eat those birds! They could sing and dance and talk! They cost $5,000 each!"

"Well... they should have said something."

That is where the political correctness police have landed us. We need to speak up before we land in the roasting pan!
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