Travel with God

In my LinkedIn group for Christian authors, a young man was asking about a how to make a living by blogging because he is so passionate about God and His creation. I find that so admirable because I prayed and prayed for God to make it possible for me to make a living by studying His word and sharing the insights that He gave me.

Well, this blog where I am typing words at least once a week is the result of that stack of prayers, but no money has come in from my unflagging, faithful writing. I even have a book that Westbow Press considered worthy to publish, but still no real income. But, there is the caveat. Income does not equal a living in God's eyes. He provides for us, but we live abundantly because of what Jesus has done and is doing even now. Needs are met. What more did God promise?

To live life abundantly means different things to different people. That is a sermon unto itself.

I wanted to share what I told this young man in part...

I completely understand. I've been praying about making a living doing what I'm so very passionate about for about 20 years now. God has slowly opened up things for me, and has made me understand that His way and His timing is best.

Probably the best thing to do would be to put on your wide-angle lens and take stock of all your skills. Just remember that Jesus adjured His disciples "as you go, make disciples...teaching them My commands..." That "as you go" means in your daily routine, as you make a living, as you meet people in your daily life.

It is crucial that you don't step out in faith without knowing which direction God would have you step out :)

Viya con Dios, my friend. Travel with God rather than asking God to travel with you! A man I admire very much said he always wanted to find out where God was working and then jump in that pool. I think I want to jump in that pool, but I also want to be sure I'm in the pool where all my gifts and talents that God has given me will be utilized, too. If not, it is a wasted effort.

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