Can Gov't define religion?

I've been following the tug-o-war between the Catholics and Pres. Obama. I'm incensed that the government is being allowed to define what constitutes a religious institution, aren't you? Ladies and Gentlemen, we've almost reached the point where we came in. Do you recognize it?

The Anabaptists moved to Holland to get away from the government telling them how to worship. We've got the same tea brewing here. How far will Christians let the government go before standing up and putting feet to beliefs? I'm appalled that our president is insisting on birth control. I remember him telling Rick Warren, when asked about abortion, that was "above my pay grade". Well, he certainly doesn't believe that now.

The federal government is telling us how to live, what to eat, how to get rid of an unwanted fetus, and all because we are allowing it. Why do we do that?

There are two hands that keep the bridle tight on the president. The Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch. We can't do much about the judicial side, but we can certainly let our feelings be known to the legislative side. The trouble is, we are letting the news media do our talking and frankly that is just plain lazy.

There is a sign on a fence in Midtown New Orleans that we drove past after my daughter's surgery. It says, "ANYone but Obama." How frightening that it's come to that.
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