NASA: Most distant galaxy found by Hubble

I can't help but chuckle every time a scientist goes on national TV and talks about things that are more than a billion years old, or for that matter more than 20,000 years old. The reason is that scientist aren't considering God in their equations.

Of course, there are more scientists that do not believe in God than that do believe in God or so Scientific American  have told us time and again. That does not eliminate those scientists who do believe in God, including those who didn't then couldn't help but believe because of their scientific findings corresponding so closely with the Bible.

Here we have the classic example of Universe-Longevity. Why, I wonder, is it so imperative that we are comforted by the longevity of our home's existence?

God chose this space to plant earth and our sun, He chose to give us heavenly bodies to study and wonder about, then in the proper timing He has allowed us to explore further and further into space with the telescope and with our limited space ships. God created the universe as it is, uncrowded and vast, and He created it old, just as He created Adam a full grown man and Eve a full grown woman.
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