Amazing what fog exposes

I took this photograph a long time ago just before Thanksgiving after praying for God to please give me a delight to print in my newspaper as a holiday special. This would have been a beautiful photo on a crystal clear morning or noon, but not nearly as interesting as on this foggy morning.

I've looked at the photo everyday, through three computer changes and I still find things I haven't noticed before. Such as today, I noticed a second house on the hill. Why had I never noticed that before?

The trouble we humans have is we see the fog of daily living without bothering to look through the fog. We see the abrupt sales clerk and take offense without thinking she may have had some really bad news. We take the honking horn behind us as an affront without thinking that person may be in an emergency.

Of course, the clerk may just be in a bad mood or be that way all the time. The honking horn may be an indication that that person in traffic behind is just blowing impatience all over those around him. But, what if...
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