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The Hebrew propensity for character analysis through a person's name is indicated by God when He changed Abram's name to Abraham, and Sarai to Sarah.

I haven't studied this enough to discern a difference between The Name HaShem, and His Covenant Name. I think God revealed Himself as much as He trusted mankind to know... a little at a time, especially since Adam rejected Him for Eve.

Years ago, I ran across a study about what the names of the ancestors of Jesus meant. I lost it, but have sort of recreated it here from the lineage of Joseph, husband of Mary. If you read down the list, the meanings create a sentence about God's promises finally ending with our Savior.

Adam - Red Earth
Seth - appointed, substitute
Enos - mortal man
Cainan - possession
Mahaleel - praise of God
Jared - descent
Enoch - initiated
Methuselah - man of the dart (he dies and the flood is sent)
Lamech - strikerdown, wild man
Noah - rest
Shem - Name; Ham - warm and hot, Japheth – wide-spreading
Arphaxad - son of Shem
Salah - sprout
Eber - beyond
Peleg - division
Reu - behold a son!
Serug - branch
Nahor - snorting, snore, nostril
Terah - wanderer, loiterer
Abram - exalted father, Sarai - my princess
Isaac - laughter
Jacob - deceiver, Esau - red
Israel - The prince that prevails with God
Judah - I will praise, Er - watchful, Onan - strong, Shelah - petition
Perez - breach
Hezron - surrounded by a wall
Aram - high
Aminadab - one of the Prince's people
Nahshon - enchanter
Salmon - garment
Boaz - fleetness
Obed - serving
Jesse - wealthy
David - well beloved
Solomon - peaceful
Rehoboam - enlarger of the people
Abijah - my father is Jehovah
Asa - physician or cure
Uzziah - strength of Jehovah
Jotham - Jehovah is upright
Ahaz - possessor
Hezekiah  - the might of Jehovah
Manasseh - forgetting
Amon - the mysterious
Josiah - whom Jehovah heals
Jehoiahchem - whom Jehovah has appointed
Shealtiel - asked of God
Zerubbabel – seed of Babylon, Prince of Judah
Abiud - father of praise
Eliakim-raised up by God
Azor - a helper
Sadoc - Just
Achim - the Lord will establish
Eliud - God his praise
Eleazar - help of God
Matthan - gift
Jacob - supplanter
Joseph - increase
Jesus - Savior, Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Emmanuel, Lamb of God, Son of Man, I AM...

Please note that Mary's lineage is given in Luke. Where it branches is between the two sons of David: Solomon and Nathan. Down from Solomon is Joseph, and down from Nathan is Mary. (I do not know why Joseph is listed as the son of Heli.)

Nathan - giver
Mattatha - gift of Jehovah
Menan - numbered; rewarded; prepared
Melea - supplying; supplied
Eliakim - raised up by God
Jonan - grace of God
Joseph - increase
Judah - praised, celebrated
Simeon - heard
Levi - joined
Matthat - gift of God
Jorim - whom Jehovah has exalted
Eliezar - God is his help
Joses- exalted
Er - watchful
Elmodam - measure
Cosam - diviner
Addi - ornament
Melchi - my king my counselor
Neriah - Jehovah is my lamp
Shealtiel - asked of God
Zerubbabel – seed of Babylon, prince of Judah
Rhesa – head
Joannas – perhaps a derivative of Johanan – gift of God
Judah – praised, celebrated
Joseph – increase
Shimei – renowned
Mattathias – gift of Jehovah
Maath – small
Naggai – illuminating
Esli – near me; he who separates
Nahum – consolation
Amos – burden
Mattathias – gift of Jehovah
Joseph – increase
Janna – flourishing
Melchi – my king, my counselor
Levi – joined
Matthat – gift of God
Heli - ascending
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