An Elegy for Journalism

I am not the only one who seems to be disgusted with the current state of affairs in the journalism world. I have heard some people use the title Journalist with a literal sneer in their tone. Click the link of this title and you'll see an extremely well written book review on just this subject.

It would seem the only real journalists these days are those in the print medium, however, those are fading fast. What happened to the true investigative journalism where facts were checked and rechecked? What happened to being able to trust most anything that was printed in the newspaper (reputable newspapers) was mostly the truth, not just holding a whiff of that elusive commodity?

While I will fight to the death for any American to preach their opinion about anything, I do believe there should be a proper respect for other's reputations. For an excellent example of today's "journalists" at their so-called best I suggest you read Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue". (My review is here.)

And Christians don't seem to be much better at this Truth business, but I've ranted about that enough.

If Americans don't start insisting on excellence, then we get what we deserve. For, truly, it is all our fault for accepting trash in place of treasure, and lies instead of truth, all for the mere thrill of the latest scandal or gossip.
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