Believe it or not... persecution is here

I never really thought that Christians would persecute fellow brothers or sisters. I never thought it would come to that, yet Jesus said it would. How could I doubt it? We live in such a safe world here in America. We have such things a laws and decency.

Beware my friends. Who needs enemies with Christians acting so worldly they can't discern fact from fiction and have no problem making up stories to defame the character of a sister in Christ. Makes me question if they really are Christian.

Oh... yes... there is something in the Bible about that, too. They must be that kind of Christian that can be deceived, and whose love has grown cold, yet heats their passion artificially.

When I am attacked and betrayed by so-called friends, when the good work I am doing is stymied by persons greedy for power and who lie outright and who twist words with innuendos as well as implications, then I know that Satan is angry with what I am doing. Then I know that God has allowed Satan plenty of room to destroy one thing precisely so another, even better thing will sprout, grow and blossom into something that will bring Him glory. As soon as Satan has tainted a thing that was meant for good, God will allow its destruction for He has no pleasure in false glory.

Christians beware. The wolves are howling and circling. They are dressed as sheep. They spout platitudes and sing of wonderful things that sound so pure, yet are draped in wickedness. Beware of who you trust. Beware of the pack, because these kinds of wolves travel in packs bolstering each other's courage to entertain dastardly thoughts and then to put the thoughts into action.

Beware for Satan knows his time is short. His anger burns brighter each day. If you think it can't happen to me... look over your shoulder for if you are close to the will of God, the Devil is plotting your failure. Nevertheless... He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.

I never thought I could lose my job for my religious convictions, but I have. Not once, but twice. I quit two other jobs because of my religious convictions, but lately it seems that if a Christian is vocal about his/her beliefs then we can lose our jobs and nothing can be done about it.
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