I just read one of the most disturbing stories on the AP wire. (Sorry, I can't share the article here.)

It was about a gang of teenage boys that gang raped a woman and her 12 year old son. They repeatedly raped her and beat the boy to within an inch of his life and then they forced her to perform oral sex on her own son.

That is disturbing enough.

What was the most disturbing to me was the reaction the reporter got when he asked a resident of the area about the incident.

"Oh, that's nothing," she said, "there are worse things that go on around here than that."

Other people's reactions were the same. One person was angry that it was a rape that caused more police vigilence in the neighborhood.

It seems to me this is just one more example of the love of man growing ice cold. I'm afraid compassion is dissapating like a vapor. It makes me physically ill.

Two of the boys were caught and the others are being sought. One young man's mother was devastated and tried to convince the officers that her boy was a good boy. She said she was raped twice, once when she was 9 and again at 12. She said her son witnessed her being attacked and almost raped a third time. "He came to me crying and saying that he'd never do that to anyone."

Be not decieved. God is not mocked. Even the elect would be deceived if it were possible.
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