Spin zone city ahead

After reading these, my head feels like it has been in the washing machine spin cycle. I can hardly believe the stupidity and irresponsibility of journalists. I can't believe any of them went to a reputable journalism school/college. If I had blundderbussed like these guys, I never would have graduated! ACK! I'm appalled and ashamed for the industry as a whole. Received these in email from Media Research Center...

Monday, August 31, 2015, 5:48pm ET
MRC Alert Special: Latest Notable Quotables
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TV “News” Anchor Berates Trump Over Immigration Plan

So here’s the problem with your immigration plan. It’s full of empty promises. You cannot deport eleven million undocumented immigrants. You cannot deny citizenship to the children in this country....My other question is: How are you going to build up 1,900 miles of wall?...It’s a completely unnecessary waste of time and money and resources.”
— Univision anchor Jorge Ramos to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at an August 25 press conference broadcast live on several cable news channels.

Rest of the Media Gives Ramos a Platform for His Activism

 “He has to explain how he wants to deport eleven million people. Can you imagine? How is he going to do that? Is he going to put people in stadiums? We have to denounce that he wants to deny citizenship to children being born here. They’re citizens, just like his [children], and it is impossible to build a 1,900-mile wall between Mexico and the United States. So that’s the kind of questions that I was asking Mr. Trump, and obviously he didn’t give any answers.”
— Univision’s Jorge Ramos on ABC’s Good Morning America, August 26.

“The fact is that, as a reporter, I believe you have to take a stand, Chris, when it comes to racism, discrimination, corruption, public lies, dictatorship, and human rights....When somebody says, Chris, that he wants to deport eleven million men, women, and children; when he says he wants to deny citizenship to children born here in the United States — which, by the way, are U.S. citizens just like he is — he is creating division, he is creating hatred, and we have to call him out on that.”
— Ramos to co-anchor Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day, August 26.

“Let’s remember that Donald Trump is a creation of the Republican Party. The same ideas that other Republicans have espoused in the past, but only that he expresses them with more violence and in an extreme way.”
— Ramos on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, August 24.

Will We See Confederate Flags at “Racist” Trump’s Rally?

 “Trump is very effectively parlaying a sense of anger, anxiety. There’s certainly a healthy dose of racism in what he’s doing. I think ultimately it will really falter, but I’m not sure how long ultimately is.”
— Fill-in co-host Al Hunt on Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, August 21.

“Do you see any Confederate flags? Any Confederate battle flags anywhere in the audience?...Have you found any significant number of African Americans at the event, of the thirty some thousand there?”
— Host Chris Matthews to NBC’s Katy Tur during MSNBC’s live coverage of Trump’s speech in Alabama, August 21.

Media’s PC Squad Objects to “Anchor Baby” Phrase

 “Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful....Look it up in the dictionary. It’s offensive!”
— ABC correspondent Tom Llamas to Donald Trump in a clip shown on Good Morning America, August 20.

Suddenly, NBC Cares About Too Much Government Spending

 “The candidate known for his big money [Donald Trump] turns out to be a big spender when it comes to his presidential proposals: Deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, estimated to cost about $138 billion; taking back Iraqi oil fields, which would mean U.S. boots on the ground, $13 to $22 billion; and repealing the Affordable Care Act may cost the government $137 billion in the next decade.”
— Correspondent Hallie Jackson on NBC’s Today, August 18.

As Always, Tragedy = Chance to Push Liberal Agenda

“So, Dr. Carson, you know, we witnessed a terrible shooting today [of two local TV news employees in Roanoke, Virgina]. As a neurosurgeon and someone who tries to prolong life and give life to people, after you watch a crime like this, does it make you question at all the role of guns in our society?”
— Anchor Don Lemon to GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson on CNN Tonight, August 26.





Refusing to Raise Taxes Will “Wreck the United States”

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“The [no tax increases] pledge has helped to wreck the United States. It is about the worst kind of public policy that you can imagine, for the reasons we have just heard. So I actually respect Jeb Bush for taking a position against it....It’s terribly destructive. And I pray that Donald Trump is not such a wimp that he changes his mind and signs the pledge. And if he holds out against it and does fine anyway, and Chris Christie [who signed the pledge] goes by the wayside, which he will, then maybe the Republican Party can start to move into a post-pledge environment.”
The Daily Beast’s Jonathan Alter on MSNBC’s The Last Word, August 12.

Marco Rubio: “So Far to the Right,” He’s “Unelectable”

“What we need to keep our eye on is, who could be elected in a general election? And that means someone who might not just appeal to the Republican base in Iowa, but to the country at large....[Florida Senator Marco Rubio] has painted himself so far to the right, who has put abortion so front and center in this campaign as to render his candidacy unelectable, probably, in terms of the general electorate, no matter how articulate he might have appeared in that debate.”
— Author and former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein on CNN’s New Day, August 13.

“Bored” by Hillary’s “Too Hard to Follow” E-Mail Scandal

“I have been utterly bored with the story to the point where I only recently began to really sort of dig into it....The more I look into it, I think it’s one of those cases where the trailer is really simple, but the movie is kind of too hard to follow....Maybe Hillary Clinton on the cloud was actually somehow safer and more secure than the actual government e-mails? I don’t even understand it.”
— MSNBC national correspondent Joy Reid on All In with Chris Hayes, August 20.

CNN Salutes Hillary’s Humor: A “Fun Way to Obstruct” Journalists

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Clip of FNC’s Ed Henry: “You were the official in charge. Did you wipe the server?”
Clip of Hillary Clinton: “What, like with a cloth or something? No.”
Anchor Carol Costello: “Okay. You see she was joking about it, right?...I mean, you had to laugh when Hillary Clinton said that. Clearly she must know what wiping a server means?”
Mashable senior tech correspondent Christina Warren: “Absolutely. Absolutely. Of course she knows. But it was a fun way to try to, maybe, obstruct from the question.”
CNN Newsroom, August 19.

Since It Won’t Matter, Why Should Journalists Bother to Investigate?

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“The Clintons have been embroiled in scandal longer than I have been alive. And at this point it’s all just background noise. Everybody’s formulated an opinion about whether they think the Clintons are above board, or whether they care about whether the Clintons are above board or not. And I can’t imagine this breaking through in a way that the previous 25 or 35 scandals did, unless she were to be indicted, which I do not think is going to happen....My guess is this is something that is not big enough that people care.”
New York Times correspondent Josh Barro on MSNBC’s The Last Word, August 17.

Admitting Journalists “Encouraged” Socialist Sanders to Run

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“We, and a lot in the media, were encouraging of Bernie Sanders getting in the race, because the senator from Vermont does provoke a lot of passion from the left part of that party. We thought that that would be an interesting mix of ideas because, certainly, the Clintons are more known for the centrism that they present to the Democrats.”
— Co-anchor Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day, August 19.

Chicago: No Longer Big Enough for Superstar Obamas

“There are remnants of the Obamas all over their old neighborhood of Hyde Park. Walk east on 53rd Street, and you’ll pass the place where Barack and Michelle first kissed. A bronze marker laid into a stone marks the spot....[But] lingering in the air is the acknowledgment, eked out in drips and dribbles over the past year, that the Obamas probably will not call this place their permanent home again....‘They’ve probably outgrown Chicago socially and professionally,’ said [author and ex-Post reporter Peter] Slevin, who interviewed many of the family’s associates. ‘Chicago can’t hold them.’”
Washington Post reporter Krissah Thompson, August 21.

Voters Rejected “Nice” and “Decent” Carter for “Cowboy” Reagan

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“I think it does say something profoundly about who we are as a people that Carter’s decency and goodness was taken for weakness and had to be remedied with the sort of bluster of a Ronald Reagan and that the idea we needed a cowboy to replace what people viewed as a man who wasn’t cowboy enough to be president, that he was too nice.”
— MSNBC’s Joy Reid on The Last Word, August 20.

CNN Host Fulfills Carson’s Prediction of “Ridiculous” Journalism

Fill-in host Jim Acosta: “And let me ask you about something else you said earlier this week. You said that the United States should consider using drone strikes to secure the border with Mexico....Are you talking about taking drone strikes at the U.S.-Mexico border?”
GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson: “It was quite clear what I was talking about. I said that drones are excellent for surveillance....In no way did I suggest that drones be used to kill people. And I said that to the media at the time. I said, ‘You guys, some of you are going to go out and say Carson wants to use drones to kill people on the borders.’ How ridiculous.”
— CNN’s State of the Union, August 23.

Andrea Thrilled: John Kerry Brought Teddy’s Cane to Castro’s Cuba

“You have been looking at pictures of John Kerry and he’s off the crutches for this trip, at least so far today. You can see him using a cane, and it was Teddy Kennedy’s cane. Obviously, from the Kennedy family, offered to him. So, such a great symbol, symbolic gesture....The cane used by the youngest of the Kennedy brothers, and he, of course, was a senior senator, had long wanted this kind of normalization, which is now being affected by his junior senator and partner from Massachusetts, now the Secretary of State.”
— NBC’s Andrea Mitchell covering the re-opening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba, MSNBC’s The Rundown, Aug. 14.

Decrying Trump’s “Old School, Slave Owner Mentality”

“I mean, look how far he’s gotten. Knowing what it — I mean, yo, my man’s got a strong, old-school, slave owner mentality, and he’s not holding back. He told the Latinos, you’re this, you’re that, you’re this and I’m gonna win your — and you’re gonna vote for me! That’s slave owner 101, and people are like, keep going! Because the middle of the country is like, we feel the same way.”
— Actor Michael Rapaport on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, August 13.

“Freedom” and “Liberty” Just Thinly-Disguised Racial Epithets

“I think as a country most of us now know you can’t sling around the racial epithets. That’s not — those things won’t play. So we have a vernacular that allows us to play the same games, but now it’s all about personal freedom and liberty and my property values and not-in-my-backyardism, you know.”
— Television writer-producer David Simon in a Bloomberg Business interview posted August 14.

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Call it what it is!

Clay Waters of the New York Times Magazine chided Republicans for calling illegal aliens "illegals." He says they should be called "undocumented."

Let's see. Did they come into the U.S. without permission to do so? Did they have visas? Did they apply for green cards in order to take a U.S. citizen's job? To my way of thinking that is: Breaking and entering, fraud, and stealing, and I call that definitely illegal.

Now the way people think in order to pasteurize unpalatable situations such as homosexual marriages, illegals bleeding into our used-to-be safe country has far surpassed those old, odd days of "free love" and drug-induced psychedelic trips that were rampant when I was growing up. 

Somehow my sister and I navigated the times safely with no weird stretches to our imaginations. We made it through college without professors warping our minds. I strongly believe that somehow was the Holy Spirit guarding and guiding us. We have the lighthouse built in. Only our lighthouse not only pierces the darkness shining a light on the massive rocks of life, but it also motors us to safe waters.

Of course, for that to happen we had to give up control, and slip into the backseat so Jesus could drive. Thank goodness He doesn't mind the pipsqueaks giving advice from the back seat.

Oh, Lord Jesus, please, please come quickly, protect my children and grandchildren, and pierce the darkest storms with Your brilliant, righteous light! 

Relative Policing???

There is a director of community relations at Wisconsin University who believes that catching and prosecuting shoplifters that steal from "big box" stores such as Walmart and Target is wrong ... "They have insurance..." he says.

This panel discussion discussed legal relativism. That basically means that each community should decide which laws are good for the community and enforced, and which laws should not be enforced because they are not good for the community.

I find this kind of thinking and whacked out reasoning impossible to understand. How can it be good for the community for Walmart to hike prices to cover the costs of shoplifting? How can it be good for everyone for Target to hike prices to cover costs of insurance? That makes no sense to me.

This is so much like those who pick and choose which of God's commandments to obey and which ones to ignore!

What are colleges teaching these days? Evidently there is no absolute truth. So what is going to happen when these poorly educated youth die and try to get into Heaven?

"What? Sayin' I'm sorry ain't good enuf?" asks a confused youth.
"What part of 'obey My commands' did you not understand, confused one?" asks Peter.
"Well, it's all relative, right? So Jesus is my relative, right? So why can't I get past those pearly gates? Hmmm, them real pearls, Pete?"
Alas, the confused and unrepentant youth does not get past go and does not collect his eternal life because he did not listen to his mamma when she taught him about Jesus.

This kind of thinking teaches nothing. Oh, I know, there are many people who do not believe laws and morals actually teach anything because it seems you can't legislate morality. However, before one gets too many years of growth on his or her body, there is instilled within the brain the knowledge of right and wrong. That comes from parents who care about how their children act. So is it just the children who did not learn right from wrong to blame for this kind of thinking?

Who is to blame for this ignorant reasoning? The parents? Churches? The schools' programs and curriculum? The children? Society? End Times? I think it is: All of the above.

One thing is for certain. If we Christians allow this kind of thinking to become rampant, the chaos is sure to reign.

How long will you pout about this?

We have a gorgeous water oak tree in the back yard. Its leaves shade my bedroom and the den from the sun's hot rays. I treasure this tree because life flits around it and lives in it. Birds, squirrels, and even three turtles flit, romp, and waddle around its branches and its roots. My cat loves to watch the bird show every morning.

Its been dropping limbs.

We thought it might need some trimming and pruning, so we called a tree doctor. He told us it was rotten clear through and would topple over in the next big wind. It would have to come down. I won't go into the exorbitant amount this was going to cost.

I cried and cried, and cried some more. It would take years for another tree to grow. It would take a monstrous dent in our finances. It was devastating.

There wasn't any way around it, but yet I cried and pleaded with the highest tree Doctor, the One Who created trees in the first place. I told him that I knew He could heal the tree, if He only would.

He brought to mind two stories. Jonah and Samuel. Jonah pouted that Nineveh repented and he wasn't going to see a fireworks show. Samuel pouted when Saul's kingship was taken away from him, and David was anointed in his stead.

Jonah should have rejoiced that the people of Nineveh were saved from God's wrath because they listened to his preaching and repented. That is a God-thing. Samuel, I can understand a bit better because he was mourning Israel's loss of a king, and that king's heart had grown so cold against obedience to God. But it was still disrespectful of God's decisions.

All my tears could do nothing to heal my tree. If I'd been a better steward of my tree by calling a tree doctor when I first noticed some ragged limb breaks that Hurricane Katrina had done, then my tree would have been much better, and not so sick.

Just as we often get another doctor's opinion when we hear bad news, we realized that we should get another tree doctor's opinion. We did. Good news.

He's going to be able to save our tree if only for the next 6-8 years. That will at least give another tree or two time to grow. I did not know that water oaks grow fast and decline fast. They generally do not live more than 20-25 years. But, this kind doctor is going to save our tree. The birds, squirrels, turtles, and yes even my cat will never know what almost happened.

I do, and I am incredibly grateful to my wonderful God Who cares enough to save a tree for my comfort. I am incredibly grateful that it will not wither and die like Jonah's shade vine did. I am wonderfully grateful that it will give plenty of time for another tree to grow up to take its place like God gave David time to grow and gain the strength to become king.

Selling intact dead babies as "line items" - Not just fetal tissue

Planned Parenthood is selling intact dead babies at 20 weeks gestation. And some people are crying over an old, dead lion! These are human babies that have no voices to cry or protest what is happening to them!

Back in 2005 there was an amazing breakthrough concerning stem cell research. I wrote this about it:

At the risk of getting up on a soap box, let's take a hard look at this. Why would God give hope to the dying for a cure by causing the death of an innocent? He would not. He spared Nineveh because of their repentance but also because there were 120,000 innocent babes that could not tell their right from their left (Jonah 4:11) plus much cattle. Many have argued that God ordered many innocents killed when the Israelites took over Canaan. True, but also many were left there in order to test Israel's heart for obedience to God and for them to learn warfare. (Judges 2:22) .

What I find truly intriguing is that the university where the fellows that discovered this amazing thing held back from letting the paper Stems Cells Express be published until they could get a patent on the discovery. At first, I'm thinking, "Good for them." Then I think, "Wha--?" Of course it's the process, but granny-get-your-gun, you can't get a patent on a placenta and blast it, you can't keep this sort of thing from helping others and keeping even more embryos from being destroyed. (Yes, there is a ban in the U.S. on that, but not in the rest of the world!)

Hooray they've found the alternative to embryonic murder! But, it's truly a sad day when we must cover our bases (patent) before we can share medical breakthroughs like this. 
Today I found out that very close to where I live right here on the Gulf Coast, Planned Parenthood has been selling murdered baby parts for research, including things like stem cells, thymus, etc. for research to cure all kinds of diseases.

I burst into tears watching the latest video released. These people have no sense of compassion, and zero sense for the sanctity of life. I wonder what would happen if they found out that the newly aborted baby that was hanging from their forceps was their own grandbaby. I wonder how they would feel if they could never get pregnant, but wanted a baby so badly they were aching. God, please have mercy on their souls. Open their eyes, Lord God. Take them to task; bring it home to them like no other truth they have ever faced! In Jesus name, amen.

Oh, hurry up, Jesus, come Lord Jesus, come.

Kindness is the pivotal point

In the list of the Fruit of the Spirit we see kindness is listed in the center: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

You see how the first four are basically states of being? They are similar to the leaves of a tree.

God is love, we are loved, we love others. Because of that, we experience joy, peace and patience. We then exhibit kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The first four well up inside us from God Himself through the Holy Spirit's indwelling. They are our sustenance, they gather oxygen to live, so to speak, and make visible God's blessings for our nurturing. The last five are expressed outwardly to our siblings in Christ first, and then to our neighbors. The last four are the roots of the tree establishing permanence and stability in the face of the storms of life/

Kindness is the first outward evidence of the Spirit, and especially of our Christianity. When we show kindness we are extending God's hand to others around us. Sadly, I do not see a whole lot of kindness in the body of Christ. Perhaps because it takes effort and energy, and it takes all the other parts of the gift of the Spirit in order to evidence kindness. Perhaps it is because those who exhibit no kindness, and are perpetually without kindness toward others do not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the lack of kindness is because the person is just having a bad day, or is in a depressed state.

A person in deep depression has no thought of exhibiting kindness for that person is wrapped up in his own Hell. So it takes all of the fruit to shake out of the depression. The certainty of being loved, the joy of the heart, the peace that passes all understanding, and the patience to wait upon God gives that person the courage to reach out to fellow man. Certainly there are times we get depressed or lose our way temporarily. But the indwelling Holy Spirit does not allow us to stay there long because God is intensely interested in our well being because He loves us.

God works inside our hearts through the Spirit. God is love; John tells us so. If there is no love in the heart, then kindness is not evident, nor even a brief thought. For through love springs all the gift of the Spirit because God is love.

Without peace, kindness is not exhibited because turmoil and war in the mind and heart drown out all thoughts of others. This introspection, or rather inward thinking, builds a bridge to depression and despair.

Patience and long-suffering are the roots of kindness. A tree with shallow roots falls over in the first huff of wind. Kindness stems from patience because patience stalls the hasty reply, stops the anger before it forms and causes the advent of forgiveness before bitterness can germinate.

Therefore, in Paul's list of the fruit of the Spirit (please note it is all one fruit, not multiple fruits) Kindness is the turning point from the inward spring to the outward flow of the Spirit.

Christians have a problem today

Christians have a problem today. Oh, it isn't a new problem. This kind of thing has been going on for millennia. God told Isaiah to shout it out with a full-throated, trumpet-sounding shout in Isaiah 58. The people had the appearance of godliness, but their bickering, complaining, and oppressive actions illustrated the truth of what was in their hearts.

In other words, the appearance of godliness, but the heart intent is not there. They fasted, but they bickered and fought. They fasted but they acted mean. They went to church, but did not take God seriously or kept Him with them while going about their daily business.

Today some Christians do the same thing. Why do we act mean towards each other? Why do we hold grudges against each other? It takes a lot of love and mercy to be a true believer in Christ.

I believe what Isaiah is saying here correlates with Jesus’ cursing of the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23. Only Jesus says it much harsher drop down to verse 25.

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you cleanse the outside of the cup and of the dish, but inside they are full of extortion and excess. Blind Pharisee! First cleanse the inside of the cup and of the dish, so that the outside of them may be clean also. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which indeed appear beautiful outside, but inside they are full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so you also appear righteous to men outwardly, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.Matthew 23:25

Now compare Isaiah 58:13  
 If you turn your foot because of the Sabbath, from doing what you please on My holy days, and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of Jehovah, honorable; and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways, nor finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words…

They are almost exactly the same.

Didn't they learn anything in those 700+ years since Isaiah lived?

Praise God that believers today have the Holy Spirit funneling as much of God's love and mercy into our hearts that we allow to settle there. It's a choice, yes, but it is a burden-relieving choice because we don't have to do it alone! God does it for us if we just let Him.


We just cannot grasp the concept of eternity... or infinity for that matter. Our finite minds just have no concept of it because we have a beginning and we know our physical bodies will have an end. After all, we all know someone who has died.

I cannot fathom the sheer giant-ness of God.

Psa 95:4 The deep places of the earth are in His hand; the summits of the mountains also are His.

I cannot fathom the never beginning of God.

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth;

I cannot fathom the never ending of God.

Psa 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of Jehovah forever.

And yet, I have this understanding of the things that are eternal in my soul.

Ecc 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, He has set eternity in their heart, without which man cannot find out the work that God makes from the beginning even to the end.

Homosexual marriages a right?

Sounds rather like an oxymoron to me since God never recognized homosexuality as right, but as an abomination in His eyes.

The fact that so many homosexuals say that you can't use the Bible in your argument against homosexuality because they don't recognize it as an authority. Frankly, it doesn't matter whether someone believes something is true or not. Believing a falsehood never makes that falsehood a truth. By the same token, believing truth does not make that truth any truer. Truth is not relative no matter how much one wants it to be.

The Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy put the scales down on the side of homosexual "rights" in the ruling about homosexual marriage. Strangely enough, it seems the reason for him siding with homosexuals is because of children...

Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing on behalf of the court, said the hope of gay people intending to marry "is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right."
"Without the recognition, stability and predictability marriage offers, their children suffer the stigma of knowing their families are somehow lesser," Kennedy wrote.

Here is the biological fact that cannot be denied. An egg cannot fertilize an egg, and a sperm cannot fertilize a sperm. It takes both the male and the female to conceive a child. What a homosexual couple does to have children is to accept this truth while denying God's truth about marriage.

The judge's reasoning also assumes that homosexual couples will automatically have children, so therefore the children deserve the stability and predictability marriage offers. Really?

Where is the logic in that? Homosexual couples must at least recognize the truth that they cannot possibly have natural born offspring and must rely upon a male and female couple to propagate in order to adopt a child, or rely upon at least one person of the opposite gender to conceive a child.

This is the truth that cannot be denied: Procreation must come from two people of opposite gender. Therefore, homosexual couples cannot procreate together; it is unnatural, not natural.

Finally, many survey have established that the divorce rate in America is around 52%. Divorce rate of Evangelical Christian believers is around 27%.

In a study by Timothy J. Dailey, Ph. D. Senior Fellow, Center for Marriage and Family Studies that compares lifestyles of homosexual couples to married couples we find some not-so-surprising results.

Relationship duration is far shorter than heterosexual couples, promiscuity is greater, commitment is weaker, healthy risks are greater, and domestic violence is greater. Read the article to see the statistics.

To me this is not only an indication of how the human race is degenerating, but also how our faith in God is degenerating. We believers are allowing it because we seem to be blasting the message that we not only hate the sin, but we hate the sinner. I mean that word "hate" not as Jesus meant we should hate our parents, brothers, and sisters in order to love Him. Christians seem to have a problem with how we minister to the lost. 

When a relationship breaks apart, the hurt is overwhelming. Since homosexuals do not have a majority of lasting relationship, and homosexual  males tend to have eight or more sexual partners within their supposed monogamous relationships, the hurting person could be reached. It is plain to me that homosexuals are searching for some permanency in their relationships, otherwise they would not be fighting so hard for recognized marriage.

If we could just help them to see beyond any doubt that a relationship with God is far superior to any earthly relationship, then perhaps we could help them find what they have been searching. If we could just help them see by our love that God is always true, always faithful, always forgiving, forever reliable, and loves so deeply and so lastingly that nothing can snatch us from His hand, then perhaps the scales of deceit would fall from their eyes. My heart just breaks for them.

Power Surges...

I ran across a column I wrote for the Picayune Item several years ago. It ignited a chuckle again because it was so true back then... and is still somewhat true for me today. I thought this menopause thing would be over with in a few years until I met a seventy-five year old woman who said she still had hot flashes! ACK!

A Cold Day
by Gina Burgess
This Crazy World
(c) 2008
The PRC school board meeting had not started yet, there was a question about the air conditioning. The women sitting in front of the a/c were cold so it was turned off. It didn’t take long before the men were waving papers and commenting on the heat.

The superintendent said it was strange but men had different thermostats than women did and they were usually cold and men were usually hot.

Only my family can understand the white- knuckled grasp I have on restraint at any public meeting. Maybe you can tell I’ve got a huge collection of opinions on just about everything. At meetings I attend for the purpose of reporting on them, I have teeth indentions in my tongue. Since the meeting had not started, you know I just had to interject, “Only to a certain age.”

I do remember the days a long time ago and not quite in a galaxy far away, when I my thermostat was normal and I was generally cold when my husband was sweating buckets. It was a good thing there wasn’t such a thing as dual controls on the air conditioning in houses back then or we would have been like Rita Rudner and her husband in their new, dual-control equipped car. She said when they discovered that feature, she would turn the temperature up on her side, and he would turn his down to glacier level. They had hardly gotten to the corner of their street before clouds began to form in their car. Only in our house, the children would have begged for a lighthouse and a fog horn so they could find their way to the kitchen.

What men and women do have different thermostats. Men generally run hot and women run cold up to a certain age. Then it reverses. Have you notice this phenomenon?

A fifty-year-old woman can be standing in front of a glacial gale with her face beet red, sweat droplets freezing on the ends of her hair plastered to her head, and her clothes all sticky. It is called hot flashes. I read some where that old women don’t have hot flashes, they have power surges. Regardless, it is most uncomfortable.

I also read somewhere that some doctor did a study, and these hot flashes only last about three minutes. Why weren't mine only three minutes long? I should be so lucky. Then I got to paying attention, and that does seem to be true, they last for three minutes. Unfortunately, they sometimes come in waves, and the three minutes may stretch into half an hour. If the air conditioning is turned down to a comfortable 65 degrees, then the hot flashes are not a problem, just a minor irritation.

It took moving back to my mom’s and dad’s after my divorce for me to fully appreciate the reversal of gender thermostats. At temperatures that fry eggs on concrete, dad would be drinking hot coffee and admiring what ever project he was working on. At temperatures that melt chocolate, he was most comfortable watching TV.

I would go in my room and raise both windows so the arctic temperatures that freeze water could combat the temperatures that melt wax that raged in my body. I had to let mom fend for herself on this, while I shut the door. I prayed that God would skip summer just that year so I could go outside when these power surges flooded my face and I so desperately needed to cool down.

One night we were watching TV. I was comfortable for once. Dad commented he was cold. Mom said she was fine. I was praying the conversation wouldn’t end with the temperature rising. Ever innovative--Dad could solve any problem--Dad got up and left the room during a commercial. Soon he came out from the back all wrapped up in his down-filled parka, his hood pulled up and the ties dangling at his cheeks.

“Dad, where are you going?”

“To the couch,” he replied.

Learn from my mistakes

You can probably discern without too much trouble the mistakes I have made. This is a revision of one of my LiveAsIf.org columns, but bears repeating here.

Burl Cain, warden for Angola Prison in Louisiana, once said that no earthly thing can change a man, only Jesus can. He became warden over a prison that was once called the bloodiest place on earth. Back in the fifties and sixties, no one came out of there alive, and no one served their full term. This gutsy man proved that only Jesus can change a man. I learned that the hard way.

Here’s what I have learned in the past 50 years:

Foremost lesson is what I learned from the study of Nehemiah:  Bring everything to God before any action takes place. Paul backs that up, too. The second is like it: Bring anger promptly before God and lay it at His feet before the first word passes the lips. Doing this saves lots of heartache and keeps relationships whole, viable, and tender. I cannot say that I do this all the time. I am impetuous and stubborn. Imagine that! However, when I do follow the above, I have found that I can give God glory rather than embarrass Him.

There are other things that I have learned which seem almost obvious, yet the lessons came hard won.
  1. I do not believe the world's assertion that there is ONLY one true love. Love is a choice. I know this for many reasons. (More on that in a bit.)
  2. More money only magnifies the character of a person. If the person has a bad character (lies, cheats, greedy, etc.) more money will just make those flaws worse. If he/she is generous, generosity abounds. If thrifty, then thrift abounds.
  3. The bad habits a boy has will get worse when he grows older. Once a person “gets away” with something, they will get more daring stretching the envelope until caught or deeply mired in the quicksand of their own making. I watched this happen to someone who wound up in prison for his illegal escapades.
  4. Repentance sometimes brings the blessing of not having to pay the consequence of a sin, but more often than not, we do pay the consequences. Praise God we do not have to pay the ultimate price for Jesus did this already on the cross.
  5. A woman will never change a man.
  6. A baby will never change a man.
  7. The only thing that changes a man is Jesus. If a man has no discipline before he’s married, he will have less discipline when he’s married. If a man loves Jesus and lives Christ-like, then marriage will magnify that, and children will magnify that. It is more desirable to have a man like this than to have one with no discipline. In other words Bad Boys remain Bad Boys and do not make good husbands, unless Jesus changes the man.
  8. There is no bottom to the depths of a woman’s heart who is in love.
  9. Just because a person says he loves Jesus does not mean that he actually does love Jesus.
  10. Minor Character flaws really do matter. If he lies to others, he’ll lie to you. If he steals from work, he’ll steal from you. If he is unfaithful to his work and to his boss, he won’t be faithful to you. If he is not a good money manager before marriage, he’ll be even worse after marriage because he’ll have your money, too. If he has bad credit before he marries, he’ll ruin yours after he marries you.
  11. When a man prays, keeps his word, reads his Bible, he may seem unexciting and dull. But, those are the kinds of men that are anchors in the storms of life. These kinds of men make great best friends, and will remain loyal throughout life. If his jokes are kind, if he is uncritical, if his friends are kind, honest and loyal then he will be the same kind of man 30 years from now.
After marriage...
Love is a choice, therefore Christians should not consider divorce an option. Getting up and looking at the person you've been married to for the past 5, 7, 10 years and thinking “I don't like him much” is not a reason for divorce. It truly is a passing phase. When two people love the Lord first and the other second, there is no such thing as “growing apart.” It cannot happen. This growing apart is the result of selfishness. Maybe I should say that again. True believers in Christ cannot grow apart because they possess the Holy Spirit that binds them as a third chord. (Ecc. 4:12)
It takes hard work and total commitment to keep a marriage healthy. When a couple decides to marry, there is the conscious and deliberate decision to commit to one another. The love between them comes from God and with His nurturing, that love will continue until death. When the couple lives as two individuals with selfish attitudes that leaves God out of the equation, this is when the marriage begins to fail. When the individual comes first before the mate...when the selfish desire takes precedence over the mate’s pleasure, then the death throes of the marriage begin. The only way a marriage will last is when both have a greater desire to please the other in everything rather than selfishly pleasing himself or herself. The same as how we are supposed to be with Jesus--being more concerned about pleasing Him than ourselves.
However, there are covenant breakers such as, lascivious behavior, adultery, verbal/physical abuse, child abuse. First pray, pray, pray for the one caught in Satan’s web exhibiting this kind of behavior. Yes, a true believer can act that way, and can destroy the marriage. But remember Satan is out to kill, steal, and destroy anything that God has created and loves. Christian marriage is top on his list of things to devour. When counseling doesn't help and the behavior doesn’t stop, then pack the clothes and lock the door because those things are not “as into the Lord” and God has no intention for us to continue in a life filled with that. After all, He divorced Israel over the same kinds of behavior. God intended marriage to be like Song of Solomon, a courtship full of respect and excitement. I believe marriage to be like Psalms. Joy in one person to the exclusion of all others in that way. Being dependent upon the Lord for all things and relying upon one’s mate to keep their covenant involves a great deal of trust.
While it seems like it, betrayed trust is not the end-all of marriage. God requires forgiveness. He forgave; we must forgive. That is a very hard thing to do. When two Believers marry, then divorce is not an option. You can depend upon heartache and pain when two people come together. That is part of our human nature. However, you can be angry, and not sin. Do not let the sun go down upon your wrath, (Eph 4:26). Absolutely joy comes in the morning.
Self-control is part of the Fruit of the Spirit. It requires a great deal of self-control to live harmoniously with another person. God will guard our tongues as well as our thoughts if we ask Him to have control over them. It brings Him glory and isn’t that what all this is about?
Ecc. 4:12  Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not easily broken. Ecc. 12:6  Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed, Or the golden bowl is broken, Or the pitcher shattered at the fountain, Or the wheel broken at the well.