Red flag is waving high over the Land of the Free

I thought all the flack, discussion, and diatribes over Zimmerman's not-guilty verdict was taking this individual case too far. Just why was this case so publicized and not several other similar cases with similar self-defense pleas. Today I realized why this case has gone so far, because Obama identifies with Trayvon Martin.

Here's the gist of what our Prez said:
Very few African American men have not experienced racial profiling.
African Americans are viewing this case through a "set of experiences" such as being followed while shopping in a department store; hearing door locks while walking through a parking lot; getting on an elevator and seeing a woman clutch her purse and hold her breath until she can get off.
Apparently, this is righteous cause for the federal government to "look into" self-defense laws. Does anyone else see the red flag waving? Doesn't this cause a chill down your back? First the feds want to take away our guns and then they want to take a "look at" self-defense laws.

Here is what gets my goat. This land was founded on the right to bear arms, and the right to freedom of speech, and the right to defend one's self and one's property. But, we are coming to a point when this "Good of the many outweigh the good of the one (or few)". 

BBC reported this today:
[Obama] said that although criminal matters and law enforcement were traditionally dealt with on a state and not a federal level, it would be useful to examine some state and local laws to see if they encourage confrontation in certain situations.
On Wednesday, US Attorney General Eric Holder cited the case as he urged a nationwide review of "stand your ground" laws, such as those in place in Florida, which permit the use of deadly force if a person feels seriously threatened.

What part of "seriously threatened" is not understandable so that Holder must "review" it? If the States in these United States are not jealous of their rights, the Feds will take over and we'll be living in a martial state.

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