Executive and Judicial branches making laws now

In high school civics I learned there are three branches of government -- Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. Our founding fathers did this on purpose for something called Checks and Balances. The balancing scale has just tipped too far to the left in my opinion when Obama announced the Administration was changing the definition of rape.

Make no mistake, I truly think this is a very good thing that oral, and device penetration and men should all be added to the definition of the heinous crime!

Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot
The problem, as I see it, is the gross misuse of authority on the administration's part, along with the judicial system making laws which has been allowed to happen too long and too often in the past two decades. The earthquakes in the Northeast are our forefathers rolling in their graves! Why do we sit by and allow things like this to happen? Doesn't anyone understand that these are just the baby steps to dictatorship? If our legislators allow the judicial system to make laws, and the president to write laws, then our Checks and Balances have been destroyed and we won't have a voice any longer in our government.

Think about it for a moment. Losing our voice means no representation and that gives dictatorship two sturdy legs.

If we discontinue the Electoral College, then the voices of those in rural counties, and small town America will be silenced. Want to take a guess at exactly how many conservatives live outside major metropolitan areas? We'll have the blind leading the blind, if that isn't happening already. Ooops! Look out for that ditch!
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