God answers prayers

As my daughter said yesterday, "God answers prayers."

Today was probably the most stressful day I've had in a long time.

The hospital should never have released Mom until all the ducks were in a row. Today I found out that the home health that was supposed to come give Mom her shot couldn't because a doctor had to sign off on the orders. She didn't have a regular doctor here in P-town.

So... I busily set to work to find her a doctor so she could get her shot. (We won't even go into the 14 syringes that cost $900, and come to find out she only needs 7 of them. That was just a minor rumple in the carpet.) I called every physician in Picayune that had a phone number and who was not a specialist.

Everyone turned me down flat. Not one doctor would consent to see Mom today. My first question was, "Are you taking new patients?" If the answer was yes, then I told them the problem. I did not get hung up on, but I got told...

"He's not taking Medicare patients."
"She's not taking any new patients. Is it urgent?"
When I said it was. She said, "I'm sorry. Try Dr. ......"
I exhausted the boxes in the yellow pages with one phone call. Went through the bold print and landed on the tiny print. That doctor was on vacation and wouldn't be back until next week. Sigh...

Then one nurse said she would talk to the doctor about Mom.
I waited...
No phone call.

I called back.

"Oh, yes, I talked to him and he said she would have go to the doctor she saw in the hospital. He couldn't take her on."

I lost my cool. I told her to give him a message. Please tell him that if my Mom dies, it's all on his head.

Oh, yes.

I said it.

Then the home health called back and said the cardiologist would not sign off on it because he just read her EKG. It must be all about money, and not life.

Anyhoot... Michelle at the home health called the hospital and ran them through the wringer over letting Mom go with out having this settled. The hospital called all apologetic and got it all straightened out. So I called the doctor that was on vacation and set up an appointment for Mom to see him on Thursday.

Monday we go get her thyroid scanned. Evidently, this goiter on her thyroid is most likely causing the atrial fibrillation. Take care of the goiter and we take care of the AF... maybe. It is good news.

It's been a bad day, then a good day and now I'm really tired.
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