Washing day

In our Thursday morning Bible study, we are studying the woman whose worth is far above rubies in Proverbs 31. I've said this before, but it bears saying again. The attributes of the Proverbs Paragon are very much attainable and are worthy to practice. So often we never really think about how fortunate we are with all the technology we have to do some things that were done the old way for so many years. God blessed humans with ingenuity to seek innovation. Sometimes, like with air conditioning and washing machines, that ingenuity makes life so much more comfortable and much easier. Sometimes, as has been known from time immemorial, the devil uses things God allowed for good to make evil. Sometimes the things that make life easier also allow for idle hands, which as the old saying goes are the devil's workshop. Anyway, I am eternally grateful for how God works in my life these days, and grateful I do not have to wash clothes as my grandmother did.

Here's an example.

And I just thought I had it bad...

Recipe For Washing Clothes....The Old Old Way....

Years ago a Kentucky grandmother gave a new bride the following recipe for washing clothes. It appears below just as it was written, and despite  the spelling, has a bit of philosophy. This is an exact copy as written and found in an old scrap book (with spelling errors and all).

1. Bilt fire in backyard to heat kettle of rain water.

2. Set tubs so smoke wont blow in eyes if wind is pert.

3. Shave one hole cake of lie soap in bilin water.

4. Sort things, make 3 piles. 1 pile white, 1 pile colored, 1 pile work britches and rags.

5. To make starch, stir flour in cool water to smooth, then thin down with bilin water.

6. Take white things, rub dirty spots on board, scrub hard, and then bile. Rub colored don't bile, just rinch and starch.

7. Take things out of kettle with broomstick handle, then rinch, and starch.

8. Hang old rags on fence.

9. Spread tea towels on grass.

10. Pore rinch water in flower bed.

11. Scrub porch with hot soapy water.

12. Turn tubs upside down.

13. Go put on clean dress, smooth hair with hair combs. Brew cup of tea sit and rock a spell and count your blessings.

Pelletier family

I've been watching the developing story of the Pelletier family story. Have you seen this?

According to Liberty Counsel:

Justina’s father, Lou Pelletier, recently spoke to the media about this tragic case involving DCF and Boston Children’s Hospital. Seeking to silence the parents, the state has filed a complaint to hold the father in contempt of court for violating an alleged gag order that was never put in writing.

++The Pelletiers’ rights have been grossly violated.

The Founders intended that the Constitution would protect citizens against this kind of government oppression. DCF’s motion for contempt is nothing more than an attempt to prevent the public from learning about the state’s unconstitutional infringement of the Pelletiers’ parental rights.

Further, there is simply no justification for such a gross violation of the public’s access to judicial proceedings.

Description: ustina Pelletier, ice skating.Before she was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital, Justina was being treated for mitochondrial disease, a rare genetic disorder, by Dr. Mark Korson, the chief of metabolism at Tufts Medical Center. 

At Boston Children’s Hospital, a new doctor – in the seventh month of his internship – changed the working diagnosis from mitochondrial disease to a somatoform disorder, shifting her treatment from a physical to a mental emphasis. 

When Lou and Linda Pelletier tried to discharge their daughter the following day, February 14, 2013, and return her to care at Tufts Medical Center, DCF declared Justina to be a “ward of the state” and moved her to a psychiatric ward, where she remained for eleven months! 

Today, Justina is confined at Wayside Youth and Family Support, a nonmedical treatment facility. She is suffering every day with excruciating pain, and her health is rapidly declining

I see this as another broken cog in the wheels of justice. I can't fathom how huge government is becoming. We are sliding into the deep pit of government strangle hold on our private lives.

Continual state of embarassment

Apparently, John Kerry has very thin skin. He got his wittle feewin's hurt when he told Israel to give up some more land to pacify Palestinian supposed negotiators, and Israeli rabbis sent a stern letter to him announcing he was in line for some divine retribution. We see another case of bald-faced lies from this disgraceful administration.

Here's what Israel Today said in a February 6 news article:
The Obama Administration, in particular National Security Advisor Susan Rice, has over the past few days lashed out over what it terms "unacceptable" Israeli criticism of Kerry.
Apparently, the secretary of state's feelings have been hurt.
But certainly no more than the feelings of many Israelis who believe Kerry and the Obama Administration either don't know or don't care about their trials and tribulations, even as the Americans rush forward with establishing a Palestinian state.
In one recent example, Kerry told reporters in Germany that "not one Israeli was murdered by a Palestinian from the West Bank" in all of 2013. Were that true, it would provide a strong backdrop to Kerry's arguments that now is the time to put all the cards on the table and push for a final status peace deal. Unfortunately, it's simply not true.
Five Israelis were murdered by Palestinians from the so-called "West Bank" last year, and another two, both of them children, were critically wounded.
One of the 2013 murder victims was Evyatar Borovsky, a 31-year-old actor and father of five. His widow, Tsofia, spoke to the Washington Free Beacon in the wake of Kerry's apparent gaffe.
"I’m not sure they actually know, that the American government knows what's happening in Israel, that people are being murdered," she said. "The Americans are supposed to be our best friends, but are actually working against us and putting our backs to the wall."
We have a president who has no clue (or complete disregard for protocol). We have a secretary of state that has no clue how to get what he thinks he wants. We have an administration that is hell bent for leather to send inexperienced and stupid political cronies to fill sensitive ambassador positions. Tell me again, how long do we have to wait to try to get someone with some intelligence in office? Oh, Jesus, please come quickly!

News flash for John Kerry: You are messing with God's gift to His chosen people! No good comes from messing with His people. Read Joshua chapter 1. All the land from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean, including most of Turkey belongs to Israel. Of course, they dropped the ball when they crossed the Jordan and entered Canaan. They  did not eliminate the wicked inhabitants. But, one day the Star of David will be flying all over that land.

When they finally do receive all the land, we'll be living in the 1,000 years of peace. That's why I keep praying for peace in Jerusalem, and for Jesus, my beloved Jesus to come quickly. I am so sick and tired of humans mucking up the world.

Beloved Betrothed

(In honor of Valentine's Day, I had to drag this out of 2005 archives.)

To be betrothed. How marvelously wonderful that is. A Jewish mother would be proud. "See my daughter over there? No, the beautiful one. She's betrothed. She'll be married for all eternity." I know He will come. I am eagerly anticipating His coming for me. My lamp is lit and I have plenty of oil. How secure that is.

What's that? Is security all I'm looking for? Oh, no. Security is just a fringe benefit. There is something far more valuable. I've never been dead, but I imagine it is not a pleasant state when one does not have a Betrothed. A state I do not wish to contemplate right now. I'd much rather consider what I do have. Why does He love me so? I cannot fathom that, not the full scope of it.

Jesus is the physical side of God. He is the one that we can relate to so He is the one that we are betrothed to. I am so in love with Him that I cannot fathom how deep my love is and where His love begins. I cannot fathom how His Spirit has made my soul so vibrantly alive that I am not alone for He is constantly with me. Power and Glory and Majesty is He, but more also is He. Only Jesus, only God can pour righteousness over me as fragrant oil...and through nothing that I do, it is just His love that makes me pure. He does this for me because He loves me.

He raises His sword and destroys all fear and conquers my insecurity.
He is my God, my King, my Beloved, Ruler of my heart--tender and sweet is He. Because He wept at His friend’s grave site, He understands my grief as my tears roll down His fingers and my trembling chin is lifted by His palm.
His eyes so full of love spread healing balm throughout my being. He is there because…
Because He had no place to lay His head, He knows the weariness of my body.
Because He walked with feet bare and dusty, He knows the pain in my feet and ankles.
Because He held a baby, He knows my love for my children.
Because He stilled the sea,He knows the storms in my heart.
Because He knew hunger, He knows my hatred for diets.
Because He built a chair, He knows why I must sit down.
Because He loves me, I am at rest.
Because He died for me, I can enter the throne room of God.

That huge splendorous place filled with His train. I tremble, I shake and at the Thunder from the Throne I fall to my face. So ashamed am I. So undone. I am so unworthy I cannot look upon His face. The Four Living Creatures protect me from His Glory or I shall cease to exist. I am mute with terror. I have no words for my defense. Then suddenly, a warm hand presses my shoulder and soft white robe comes between me and the throne. I grab His robe and press my face deep into it. A low voice whispers tender words to me and my terror melts away. His hand slides across my back and He lifts me in His arms so strong, His strength stills the tremors of my terror like His breath stilled the wind and calmed the waves. He looks at The Father and simply says for all to hear, "Father, this one is mine."

"Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word."

Ham & Nye Creation Debate

I did not watch the debate, but I've heard that more than 5 million did.

Perhaps for some Christians, they deeply need some kind of proof that God is who He says He is. Perhaps more importantly, some Christians need some kind of proof that God did what He said He did. 

The most significant proof to me is faith. God said 7 days. If He took longer to do it, then that would make Him a liar and everything in the Bible would be false. My faith is all or nothing. God has gifted me with an unwavering faith in Him, and gifted me with the knowledge that He has my best interest at heart. God is Truth. It was 7 days.

Here are a few thoughts for those more skeptical ones:

Pondering a scientific problem
Confirmation of Biblical Truths
My first grandbaby

That is just for starters.

How to glow in the dark

When people, pastors, or preachers start talking about fasting I get all
tense and irritable. Since I was a little girl I have fought with my weight. You know, it is really hard to fast or diet when you are hungry. That gnawing, piercing feeling starts in the pit of your stomach and makes your bones ache. I get so snappish and waspish. Self-control seems just beyond my grasp.

I think about Isaiah 58 when someone mentions fasting. Have you read that one lately? It seems to illustrate God's heart for how He wants His people to act. The key is all the blessings that we receive when we act the way God would have us act.

The true fast that delights the LORD God is two fold.
1. Abstain from any kind of oppression. There is a huge sermon in that one phrase. What does oppression entail? The Hebrew comes from a primitive root that means to crack in pieces, literally or figuratively: - break, bruise, crush, discourage, oppress, struggle together. This sounds a lot like how some Christians treat other Christians.

When I'd stumble and scrape my knee or hurt myself some other way, my Mom used to say, "Boy, if you do that to yourself, what would you do to me?" It was meant as a joke to take my mind off the hurt, but what a truism that can be when one thinks about how often we do not adhere to the Golden Rule.

2. Maintain the open hand of benevolence and mercy toward the destitute.  Another huge sermon. Although, we Christians do not do such a bad job with this one. We have ministries, and we have food pantries, second-hand clothes, benevolent funds, give to co-operative programs, and send out missionaries, help our youth to participate in youth programs, and so forth. But it goes further than that. We are not to hide ourselves from our own flesh as part of this benevolence.

Paul describes it best, I think, in   1Timothy 5:8  But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

What blessings do we receive from these heart actions? For it must come from the heart, with the righteous attitude. Going through the motions is what God was condemning them about in Isaiah 58.

1. We glow in the dark.
2. Our lives are bathed in sunlight.
3. We have a full life with strong muscles and bones
4. We are a well watered garden with a gurgling spring
5. We have rebuilt foundations
6. We are restored!
7. We are FREE to enjoy God!

Cool! I want to glow in the dark. Do you?

Getting GLAD against Catholic beliefs

Here is another case of Satan using laws of the land against biblical
belief in biblical principles. (This article is also posted at Liveasif.org)

In a note from Tony Perkins where he highlights the battle occurring in Massachusetts over a homosexual male teaching in an all girls Catholic academy. He applied. Got the job. Then when school officials noticed that this man listed his spouse as his homosexual partner as the one to call in an emergency, they called him in and rescinded the job offer.

Catholics have long been proponents of marriage between male and female. They have long and forever stated that homosexuality is a sin.

Girls going to a Catholic school are there because parents of these girls desire their children to be raised with Catholic ideals, Catholic morals, and Catholic standards of lifestyles.

The Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) are outraged that this man lost his Christian oriented job because of his chosen sinful lifestyle (of course they do not see it that way).

From Tony Perkin's Letter:

"Religiously-affiliated entities do not have a free pass to do as they please in how they treat employees," GLAD insisted. Other liberals piled on, arguing that Barrett wouldn't have been working in the classroom, imposing his agenda on the students. But imagine how confusing it would be to walk out of the classroom, where they're learning about the church's teachings, only to be confronted with a school employee living a way that contradicts the beliefs they were just taught? How do children process that?
 The driving point for GLAD is that the school is open to everyone. They say religion is not part of the job.

What kind of logic is that, pray tell? It is a Catholic school. That is the same as saying I can work at a bank all day, and defraud and steal from people in my spare time. How could you trust someone like that? That would be like a drunkard sobering up for an AA meeting then getting drunk right after it.

I heard a prosecutor say that criminals are mostly stupid. If you've watched any of those Caught on Tape shows, you know what she's saying is true. The problem is that Satan-driven agendas are not stupid. These are incredibly crafty and astonishingly logical. But, when we Christians do not lean on God's logic and God's craftiness to fight these kinds of battles, we lose.

Here's the clincher. Do a bit of research on the Census Bureau's website. See how many practicing gay/lesbian people there are in the U.S. I'll tell you. It is less than 1% . Read Tim Drake's research if you don't believe me. The number of households in the U.S. that are homosexual is approximately .55%. To put it in even better perspective, the number of homosexuals in the U.S. is less than .01%.

Why are we allowing this minute portion of our society ruin our lives, our morals, and pervert our children? Why are we allowing this squeaky wheel determine the path our country takes?

We allowed one woman to dictate to the entire country about prayer in school. Now, because Christians in some states are electing namby-pamby legislative officials who won't stand against the homosexual agenda, we are being lured down the yellow-brick road of vile deception.

Seriously, Christians have a responsibility to be vocal about biblical principles, and to remind those legislative officials that they work for us to represent us in our desires and morals. The adage penned by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, "The pen is mightier than the sword," is true. When the Democrat representative for Louisiana had to keep defending his votes to the Democrat party, he finally switched to Republican. His constituents were letting him know in no uncertain terms how they wanted him to vote--so, he did so. That led to him basically switching sides.

There is no reason such a small portion of our population should have such a huge say in how we think, except for the mechanizations of one individual: Satan. He is working hard to trip us up. He laughs when we fall on our face. Just once I would like to see him thwarted.