Afghanistan: War without end

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but the more I think about that Eugene city counsel, the angrier I get. The more I hear about Obama's plans for the Afghanistan war, the more nauseated I become. The more I hear about our soldiers with boots on the ground in Afghanistan the prouder of them I am. There truly is something great about our country and a lot of has to do with our soldiers!

Our country as a whole has no notion what real sacrifice is. We have grown so fat and complacent in our daily plenty, we don't know that our troops have blisters on their feet, our military live in tents, and our men are being killed all to pay the price of freedom.

The most recent attack in Kabul makes it clear the job is NOT done in Afghanistan, yet the idiot we call president has publicly declared the last day our men will be there. Oh, wait! It was after he announced the date 10,000 troops were leaving that the bomb dropped. Hello? Is there anything in there at all?

Our forefathers never went to war unless they were sure they could finish it, and they never went to war unless it was the right thing to do. As a young nation, we had to stand firm on baby legs, but the character and strength of men like George Washington, Samuel Adams, Admiral Farragut, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson and all the others helped to shape our nation into the giant it has become -- Paul Bunyan, move over!

Now we have people who break their word, who think things like Socialism and Fascism are good things even when they failed miserably in other nations.

Then we had people who lived by God's word, who believed in biblical principles and gauged character by those principles. Today, Christians are embarrassed by God and are apathetic to anything godly to the point of allowing a minority to decide saying the Pledge of Allegiance is divisive. The minority have no respect for our flag or for our country. Where is the patriotism, the pride, the character, and the love for Freedom in our country?

Afghanistan is a symptom of cancerous Taliban, not a war. It is indicative of the cancer the people of this world are suffering. If we allow the Taliban to overtake Afghanistan again, then we are Isaiah 58.

The question isn't "What should we do?" The question is "What does God desire us to do?"

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is divisive

The City Counsel of Eugene, Oregon is divided on saying the pledge of allegiance. Do we or don't we? What is so divisive about saying the pledge? Why are there people who enjoy the freedoms of the United States, who are elected officials of the public saying they do not want to say the pledge of allegiance?

“It’s a little ironic to see those who have championed the idea of tolerance be less tolerant on this question,” Clark Said. Mayor Kitty Piercy called the Pledge of Allegiance divisive. “If there’s one thing the flag stands for,” Piercy says, “it’s that people don’t have to be compelled to say the Pledge of Allegiance or anything else.” 
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I have heard just about everything now. We are going to celebrate the 4th of July in just a few days. It will be the 235th anniversary of thousands of lives given in sacrifice to a young America just so we have the privilege of pledging our allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. 

Shame on those city officials who don't want to say the pledge. Shame on that mayor, Kitty Piercy" who calls the pledge divisive. 

Shame on anyone in the United States who has lost that patriotic spark when the fireworks go off, the lump in the throat when we sing "Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming. Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, o're the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?  The rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that Star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

No one knows the second verse of that song, but in it we find our nation's motto in the very words of the second verse. Those words come from scripture, Psalm 20:7 "Some trust in chariots and ... horses, be we trust in God."

O thus be it ever, wen free men shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war's desolation;
Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n rescued land
Praise the Pow'r that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just;
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust!"
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall
Wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Francis Scott Key wrote the words 1779-1834

I believe that if someone has a problem with singing the National Anthem, or with saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, then they should look for another nation in which to live. There are none so blessed with so much as America the Beautiful.

Violent video games = Free Speech says Supreme Court

It was a 7-2 vote to overturn a California law which limited the sale of video games classified as violent  to minors. I guess the next thing minors can buy will be Playboy and Penthouse.

Why do we need a law prohibiting the sale of violence and pornographic materials to minors? What is it about our society that screams for legislating every part of our lives?

Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan agreed that the government should not protect children by limiting violence in the media. Scalia said there hasn't been any traditions set by our government that restricts child access to violence, stating in his brief, "Certainly, the books we give children to read -- or read to them when they are younger -- have no shortage of gore. Grimm's Fairy Tales, for example, are grim indeed." 

While my imagination is most certainly more vivid than any TV show or movie, I'm not so sure that the violence our society faces today more specifically the disregard of the sanctity of life, isn't somehow tied to the views of the parents instead of the viewing of cowboy/Indian shoot-em-ups on Saturday morning. 

My nine and ten year old daughters somehow acquired a pack of cigarettes and decided to try this product behind the school gym. Fortunately, they were seen and the little bird imparted the tasty morsel to my ears before my daughters made it home. Of course they were dizzy and sick at their stomachs, so I knew the lesson was learned that you must learn to smoke. Since I smoked regularly at that time, my orders for them to cease and desist weren't that piercing. They didn't notice the many times I tried to quit. Unfortunately, they both started smoking long before they were old enough all because of my own example rather than the Camel commercials or the Benson & Hedges ads in magazines.

The deeper question is how could a minor play a violent video game without the parent knowing and putting a stop to it? Of course that would take pay attention to the minors of the household, wouldn't it? That would mean getting home in time for dinner and bedtime activities rather than allowing hired help do those particular "chores". How do parents know what their own child is capable of if they are not home long enough to actually relate to him/her/them?

Society has leaned upon government so long now that we can't seem to live a single day without some kind of intrusion into our homes regulating how we live, how we use products, how we raise our children. Isn't it time to take the reigns back into our own hands? Isn't it time to take raising our children in the way they should go seriously? 

Google: The search is on the other foot

The Wall Street Journal reported today Google, the giant search engine which has multiple service companies, faces a serious probe by Federal regulators due to some market dominance issues siting a group called

"Google engages in anticompetitive behavior…that harms consumers by restricting the ability of other companies to compete to put the best products and services in front of Internet users, who should be allowed to pick winners and losers online, not Google," said, a group representing several Google critics, including Microsoft and travel services Expedia Inc.,, and Sabre Holdings.
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The most serious accusation is Google manipulates search results to favor Google services, and the use of product descriptions of other companies without their permission. Of course Google denies these allegations. Since Google has more than two-thirds share of web searches and more than that in Europe, according to WJS, why would the giant need a manipulation crutch?

I'm not saying Google is the best, however after doing multiple searches for the same thing over many months, I still get the same top results. I'm not at all sure what that says considering empirical data must be controlled along with other scientific things. I do know that of all the search engines I've used, only Google seems to give me the optimum results more specific to my searches.

Internet businesses have complained Google positions itself above their sites in searches for business information as an example. If you do your own search, you'll see that Yahoo comes in just below the paid ads. It seems to me they just might be jealous.

Question: What has your experience with Google been?

Prayer life and results

At Jacob's Well, we're studying how to deal with anxious thinking. This kind of thinking permeates our world today because we are flying around trying to get a thousand things done in 30.5 seconds. Knowing it is impossible, we worry how it will all be done. Most of it is our own fault because we simply overextend ourselves similar to piling mountains on our plate because we are terribly hungry, but knowing we can't possibly eat everything on it.

Other times our anxiety stems from the unknown mountains or valleys with dark corners. How is it that we do not seem to hold onto the complete peace God has given us through the Fruit of the Spirit?

It isn't bad to want to see results of prayer and confirmation of God's working in our lives. Sometimes that is how He comforts us when He instantly says yes to a small thing, so that we will understand that He is definitely working on the BIG things we've been praying about incessantly.

We just cannot know or understand God's ways. We ask, and we receive. Then we ask, and then we receive. It seems to be a results motivated prayer life.

Jesus taught His disciples to pray, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. " Why isn't that enough?

We are told in many different ways, but most clearly through Paul to, "worry over nothing, to pray about everything."

Phi 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

So the mature Christian should be able to leave everything in God's hands and be comfortable with how He answers our prayers. It is rather difficult to just let go and let God. God showed me in no uncertain terms that His will is done for those who love Him. And sometimes... sometimes He is waiting on us to conform to His desires and to let go of our desires.

It all boils down to Trust. When we know our God has plans not to harm us, but for our good, then there is no way we can go wrong. It's just those trials and painful tribulations, and that dark valley of death that we know we must walk through that gets us all twisted into knots.

Has He ever failed me? Never.

Will He ever fail me? Never.

That must be enough.

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD rejoices over you. He will quiet you with His love. Or as The Message puts it,
Your GOD is present among you, a strong Warrior there to save you. Happy to have you back, he'll calm you with his love and delight you with his songs.

Occupations with the most job openings

Thanks to my friend Buddy McDonald who posted an interesting article on the deplorable education we Americans are getting...

Here is a great place to search for that job that will spur your passion and put money in your pocket. I've copied below the top ten which require a graduate degree. I hope the links transferred, too.
Occupation Total Job Openings 2008–2018
Postsecondary teachers 553,000
Doctors and surgeons 261,000
Lawyers 240,000
Clergy 218,000
Pharmacists 106,000
Educational, vocational, and school counselors 94,000
Physical therapists 79,000
Medical scientists, except epidemiologists 66,000
Mental health and substance abuse social workers 61,000
Instructional coordinators 61,000

Now compare the article posted on CNBC. Siemens, the German giant corporation is bitterly complaining that U.S. workers do not have the education, training, and skill sets that they require for certain staffing jobs. The company has had to use 30 recruiters to fill their expansion plans.  Plus, Eric Spiegel, CEO of Siemens said the company has had to invest in education and training. Volkswagen had 85,000 applicants for 2,000 jobs so it isn't for lack of applicants, but the skill sets that are lacking.

Keeping this complaint in mind, please notice the's second set of most job openings needing a Bachelor's degree...

Occupation Total Job Openings 2008–2018
Elementary school teachers, except special education 597,000
Accountants and auditors 498,000
Secondary school teachers, except special and vocational education 412,000
Middle school teachers, except special and vocational education 251,000
Computer systems analysts 223,000
Computer software engineers, applications 218,000
Network systems and data communications analysts 208,000
Computer software engineers, systems software 153,000
Construction managers 138,000
Market research analysts 137,000

Not one engineer in the bunch. So how does one really know what kind of education to pursue?

I would venture a guess and say, combining the complaints with the projections that teaching adults would be the number one job opening from now on. Right now on there are 5,646 new jobs for teaching adults.

If you live in San Jose, California there are 218 job openings for every person living there; compared to New Orleans where there are 29 job openings for every person living there. The quality of job isn't mentioned, however. We have to search a bit further for that. No surprise the most job openings are for cashiers. (No wonder when I go to Walmart only 1/3 of the cash registers are open!)

For 2008 - 2018 -- According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
#1 Cashiers -- 171,990 openings and the earnings are basic minimum wage
#2 Retail sales -- 162,690 same problem
#3 Servers -- 146,620 same problem
#4 Customer Service -- 110,900 barely above minimum wage
#5 Registered nurses -- 103,900 w/Associate Degree -- good living

If we delve a little further into the BLS, we find an interesting table which tells us the projections of occupations -/+ through 2018.

Ah ha! Here we see that service occupations will increase a whopping 13.76% and professional occupations (doctor, lawyer, teachers) will increase by a staggering 16.83% with construction occupations increasing 13.04% by the year 2018.

Here's the kicker... The projections do not uphold what the corporations are begging for since production jobs will decrease by 3%. So what is a person to do to make sure there will be income until the angels escort us to Heaven?

A most excellent dilemma. Why would anyone want to go down a career path for money only and hate what they will have to do for the next 50 years? That's a recipe for burnout, stress related diseases and all kinds of anger issues.

The best advice is determine your motivational spiritual gift, then work within that motivation. Find the occupation which will utilize your God-given gifts, and God-motivated skills. Develop those skills with the best education you can find then, keep close to the LORD. In all you do, do it for Christ for it is He who strengthens you.

Question: Is there an occupation that you wish you had pursued way back when? I'd be really interested to know if you began your perfect occupation when you graduated!

Walmart and the sex discrimination case

Recently the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 the class action suit claiming Walmart was discriminatory against women. Walmart has a company-wide policy that local managers set salaries and give promotions.

The ruling brief from Justice Scalia stated because the suit did not prove discrimination was a company-wide policy it had no basis. Interestingly the liberal brigade stated:

In a partial dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said there was enough evidence of systematic sex discrimination to allow the suit to proceed, though not for damages. "Women fill 70% of the hourly jobs in the retailer's stores, but make up only 33% of the management employees," she wrote. "The higher one looks in the organization, the lower the percentage of women."
Quoted from Los Angeles Times

Come on! Why is it automatically assumed that people (I'm not discriminating here) people who work at a certain place for more than five years are automatically qualified to manage the place? How can that be?

Walmart's managers do have considerable control -- pay scales, pay raises, promotions, and days off. However, the problem isn't with the Walmart managers, it is with this ruling brief quoted above...

I have certain qualms with this. A person does not learn how to manage by osmosis. It takes a great deal of training. Running the sports department and managing a store full of employees does have some of the same skills, but frankly managing people is much harder and much more crucial than keeping guns stocked, and ordering the right kind of tents.

I am not saying that 70% of Walmart's employees are not good, conscientious people. What I am saying is that there isn't a nation-wide company that has more than 33% women in management unless it is woman-owned. Corporate America is not kind to women.

Unless a woman has the kind of husband that works from home or wants to be the homemaker, a woman can't juggle the time involved in corporate management with being soccer mom. That is burning the candle at both ends which ends with no candle at all in a much shorter period of time. 

Rather than women v. men manager stats, I would love to see secret ballot employee votes on the best managers. It would probably be as many women as men -- or maybe not. Women bully women in the corporate world 71% of the time. (Workplace Bully 2009 study).

Plus there's the old adage, if a person can't do the work -- promote him out of the department. So what's fair?

Absolutely nothing in this world is fair. We have to wait until we get to Heaven for that.

The Lamb's Book of Life

There are several reasons that I believe the Lamb's book and the Book of Life are actually one book.

Psa 69:28 Blot them out from the Book of Life; yea, let them not be written with the righteous.

This tells me that at one time, the unrighteous were written in the Book of Life since they can be blotted out.

On the other hand...
Psalm 139:16: "Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them."

I believe this is the same book but is a description of what is in the Book of Life. Our days are ordained by God is what this verse tells me. This is when we see that God has a definite plan of works for each of us to do. He establishes the work of our hands if we are willing to submit to His authority and to obey Him in His perfect will. Because 1 Corinthians 12:11 But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually even as He wills. We can only do God's work with the power of God's Spirit.

Therefore, from the beginning God had a plan. He wrote every person's name to ever be born into the Book of Life. Every one starts off on the same plain. As David points out, those who embrace iniquity and choose to ignore their innermost knowledge of God and then choose the things of the flesh rather than the things of God, get blotted out of the Book of Life.

Romans 1:18 For God's wrath is revealed from Heaven on all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, holding the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because the thing known of God is clearly known within them, for God revealed it to them.

First, God makes sure that everyone has a yearning for Him. We are created in His image and we have an embedded knowledge of Him.

Second, God doubly makes sure that everyone knows of Him by creation and "...being understood by the things made, both His eternal power and Godhead, for them to be without excuse."

Third, verses 24 & 26 say that God gave them up to their lusts of their hearts and to their own passions. Verse 28, since they refused to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them up to reprobate minds. This makes them worthy of death= being blotted out of the Book of Life.

Paul says it three times, God gave them up after ...
1. They had other gods before Him making graven images and worshiping them; worshiping the creation instead of the creator.
Because of this, God gave them up...
2. They had dishonorable lusts of the flesh, not just adultery but much more perverted love of man for man and woman for unnatural lusts.
3. They knew the righteous order of God (v.32) but chose to embrace and be filled up with all unrighteousness.

God gave them up... what a chilling statement.

So, we see how people get blotted out of the Book of Life so that they (as David says) will not be written with the righteous.

As I said in a previous post, the word  ζωή zōē dzo-ay' life (literally or figuratively): life the state of one who is possessed of vitality or is animate every living soul; vitality.

That is the Book of Zoe. It is the Book of Life everywhere (except the Hebrew). Then it becomes the Lamb's Book of Zoe  in Revelation. Why is that? Because until Jesus rose from the dead, death still had sting which was sin and sin still had power and it was the Law that gave it power.
1Co 15:56 Now the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the Law;
1Co 15:57 but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!

1Co 15:54 But when this corruptible shall put on incorruption, and this mortal shall put on immortality, then will take place the Word that has been written, "Death was swallowed up in victory." Isa. 25:8 55 "O death, where is your sting? Hades, where is your victory?" Hos. 13:14

Jesus paid the price to own the Book. It is His because He not only fulfilled every work that God ordained for Him but He also willingly gave Himself as the Scapegoat for us while we were still wallowing in sin so unworthy. We do not do eveything God has planned for us but Jesus said, "I'll take the responsibility," we are blameless when we give our self and our life over to Him.

Someone asked me a question...
From what I understood, the Psalm's Book referred to God's plan for everyone's life. The OT Book of Life referred to those in the OT who went to Abraham's Bosom (such as Lazarus of Luke 16:19-31). The NT Lamb's Book of Life is the record of the redeemed by the blood of Christ who believe in Him and are thus written into that book as they believe, and when Christ rose again, every name that was in the OT Book of Life who were in Abraham's Bosom had their names converted over into the Lamb's Book of Life on the 3rd day. Any possibility for that?

Why would God go to the trouble of blotting out the names of unrighteous people if the Book of Life would become obsolete after Christ rose from the dead? He could just have easily had a Book of Those Who Lived and then have another Book of Spiritually Alive and that would be the Lamb's Book of Life.

But here's the thing. When we get our glorified bodies (just like Jesus displayed to the over 500 witnesses after He rose from the dead), we will be alive both physically in the physical realm and alive Spiritually in the Spiritual realm. Because of this, it makes most perfect sense that God has one Book of Life which the unrighteous are blotted out of and the blameless are retained. It is Jesus Who makes that distinction between the two.

In Jesus' story (and I believe it is a true life story not a parable) of Lazarus and the Rich Man, we see the Rich Man in torment and Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham in comfort and the Rich Man's request for a drop of water is refused. Torment in Hell had not changed the Rich Man's attitude at all. He was still trying to use Lazarus as a "gofer" or a servant. So Hell didn't teach him any lessons. He thought of himself first (drop of water) and his brothers last ("...send him back to warn my brothers so they won't have to come to this place.")

Since nothing had changed about his heart from his mortal life to when he was in torment this proves to me that God is Just and Right to blot out the names of the unrighteous which is how the Rich Man wound up in torment instead of in Paradise. But Lazarus was found in the Book of Life which is why he wound up in Paradise instead of Hell.

Isaiah 7:15 He shall eat curds and honey until He knows to refuse the evil and choose the good.

This verse tells me (there are others but this will suffice), that when a child finally understands the difference between good and evil and then is old enough to choose evil ways instead of the righteous ways, he is at a crossroads between the Book of Life and the Books of the Dead. RE: Romans 1 for the NT era. In the OT era, if a person died before this age then I believe that person was not blotted out of the Book of Life. But when the person reached this age of understanding and chose to live unrighteously then He was blotted out of the Book of Life. God declared it so in Isaiah.

Isa 33:15 He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly; he who despises the gain of oppressions, who shakes his hands free from taking the bribe, who stops his ear from hearing of blood, and shuts his eyes from looking at evil. 16 He shall live on high; strongholds of rocks will be his retreat; his bread shall be given; his waters are faithful.

And in Ezekiel 18 God declares that each person is responsible for his own iniquity. The man that turns from his wicked ways and live in righteousness will live but if he turns from his righteous ways and again lives in wickeness, he shall surely die. But God pleads for us to make a new heart and a new spirit for
Eze 18:32 For I do not have delight in the death of him who dies, declares the Lord Jehovah. So turn and live.

This tells me that God is very long suffering and that He does not soon blot out a person from the Book of Life. 2Pe 3:9 The Lord of the promise is not slow, as some deem slowness, but is long-suffering toward us, not having purposed any to perish, but all to come to repentance.

Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin law upheld by Supreme Court

The lawsuit brought against the Republicans who passed the law limiting pay raises through collective bargaining said they Republicans did not give enough advance public notice before bringing the law to the floor for a vote. I guess they just didn't see all the people camped out in the building in protest. Their selective seeing passed over all the signs and, of course, they weren't watching the news which is how they missed the trumpet proclamation bringing attention to the fact the Demorats fled the state. What idiots.

Now, Gov. Walker can breathe easy because the Supreme Court of Wisconsin tossed out the ruling of the liberal judge had interfered with the legislature. The law rises from it's deathbed and will now move forward so Wisconsin can hopefully rise from it's economic woes.

The real story here is not the law, but the ruling by Maryanne Sumi, the circuit court judge who ruled in favor of the lawsuit. Sumi overstepped her authority of interpreting law into usurping legislative power. Wall Street Journal quotes the justice's brief:

“One of the courts that we are charged with supervising has usurped the legislative power which the Wisconsin Constitution grants exclusively to the legislature.”
Since the lawsuit's only relevant claim was that there wasn't sufficient lead time given to those Democrats who had fled the state for the purpose of missing the legislature vote, it doesn't take the deductive reasoning power of Sherlock Holmes to understand it was all a ruse.

Amazingly, this juxtaposing of power has been going on for decades, only now the veil has been torn in two. If only we the people could trust the executive branch to NOT overstep authority into the legislative branch, and trust the judicial branch NOT to overstep into the legislative branch. It is checks and balances at the best, and is precisely why our forefathers designed our government this way.

Kudos to the four judges in the Wisconsin Supreme Court for recognizing authority struggles for what they are, and for calling attention to clear lines between the powers that be.

Question: Have you notice an article that draws distinction between the governing bodies, and that points to infractions of authority?

Herding cats or keeping kitten in a basket...

Michael Hyatt is a genius. He is obviously a person who has survived the jungle of corporate America, even in the Christian world.

I laughed at this video, but without even reading Hyatt's blog post, I know I've been on the back of one of those horses, trying to live the life Christ would be proud of and still maintain respect of my peers and my boss so as not to get fired in secular corporate America. I can't tell you the number of times I fell off my horse or got scratched to ribbons. Sometimes I never had the strength to get back up in the saddle, but I found myself there nonetheless. Only God can put us back in the saddle when all we're looking at is the ground, and tasting is dust and blood.

So each morning the sun also rises, we roll out of bed to begin a new day with all the aches and pains from yesterday. The difficulties from yesterday, the seeming flat plain with hidden arroyos and gullies that can tumble you in an instant into a dusty creek bed, are no match for our Father who cares intensely and profoundly about His children.

He restores our souls with peace like a river flowing full and free. His eyes are watching lest we fall. His hands are ready to catch us. It's when we deliberately jump from the saddle that we get bloody knees and black eyes. However, we should remember Job who lost everything. His tumble into the deep valley of shadows and death wasn't because of bad choices or sin but because God trusted him to react just the way he did. That is amazing trust.

Can you relate? What has knocked you off your horse recently and how did you get back in the saddle?

Waiting upon the Lord

I copied this from a conversation in the forums at on October 19, 2005. I did not copy or indicate who wrote the post, but it is so very good I wanted to post it here anyway. Perhaps, one day he/she will see it and let me know who wrote it. The discussion going on at Michael Hyatt's blog started me thinking about it so I searched it out. Now here it is...
waiter Pictures, Images and Photos

This beginning of miracles Jesus did was in Cana of Galilee, and manifest forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him. John 2:1-11 KJV.AV.

'Waiting upon God' I thought it might be interesting to look at one of the examples we have of just this.

We are probably familiar with this account from the miraculous turning of water into wine, but let us look for a moment or two at those to whom Mary said- “Whatever He tells you to do, do it.”

They were probably household servants trained to serve, but what about the character that makes a waiter, one whose sole purpose is to wait upon others.
They would need to be –

Directed - without Mary directing them to heed Jesus, and to wait upon him they could not know what to do.

Attentive - for them to obey Mary they would have had to listen attentively, or to watch closely.

Patient - we have no intimation of whether the Lord spoke to them right away, or if they had to wait patiently.

Dedicated - they would need to be able to put all other things on hold to give him their full attention.

Obedient - they filled the water pots without question, even though they must have wondered at this.

Discrete - they did not question the commands of Jesus, nor did they gossip about what had happened.

Unobtrusive - no one but they and the Lord knew how this wine had been provided. Which thing meant that they had their 'special reward' for they were privy to the miracle in all it's unfolding.

There are other things to be learned from this account, but for now perhaps it might afford us with a clearer idea of what is required of one who is bidden to wait upon the Lord. 
The take on this is, of course, serving God not waiting for an answer to prayer, but does delve into the mysterious realms of responding to His directives. 

We wait for answers to our prayers never realizing that in our obedience we are receiving the answer. Rarely does God gives us a peek at the full tapestry of His will. If He did that, we'd be sorely tempted to take shortcuts thus depriving ourselves of some special exercise purposed to strengthen one or all of our spiritual muscles including that most special exercise of obedience.

Question: In hindsight, how did your obedience to a directive from God strengthen your spiritual muscles?

Let’s Dance

Do you believe God is bigger than any problem?
I know beyond any doubt that God can be trusted. He has been true and faithful my whole life even when I decided to turn my back on Him. What God says He will do, He will do. Fully one quarter of the Bible is prophecy and every one of the prophecies have come true so far even to the exact timing. I am quite sure the rest of them will come true in God's good timing.
Paul explains to us that those that wandered in the desert for 40 years all ate of the Spiritual food (manna) and all drank of the Spiritual drink (sweet water from bitter). 1 Corinthians 10. But these people kept on complaining, kept on trying Him, kept on murmuring, they fornicated and the crown of their sins was they disbelieved God. Yet... God was with them through it all. He could have so easily breathed Holy fire on them and burned them up as he did Aaron’s sons for offering unholy fire. But, He didn't.
Nothing is greater or bigger than God. All things fall in line with Scripture and God most certainly is Who He says He is and will do exactly what He says He will do. When He says He will never leave or forsake us, He means it. I am living proof.
Our God is an awesome God.
The key to realize is our battles begin and end in the Mind. Our thinking is a powerful tool that can be used by Satan, if we allow him to take control of our thoughts. To thwart that, we must ask God to take complete authority over our hearts, our minds, and our tongues just as David did. We must redecorate our minds with Jesus and that will take the shackles of bondage off of us so, as that song goes, we can dance!
God is the only safe, consuming passion we have. Our Enemy is seizing technology and is trying to make evil from what God intended for good. The only way to be released from evil is to take down that tacky decor in our mind and replace it with Jesus. The drugs of constant TV and games and internet junk must be replaced with things that are holy and things that are pure and things that are godly. Meditate on these things and watch how the addictions of the world have no more power. It is astounding!
Yes, evil and horror get up in our face everyday. We know that darkness prevails in this world because Satan is the prince of this world. However, we do not have to live in the darkness since we are the Light on the Hill so to speak. We are to embrace Truth, and sometimes truth is horrible and ugly. That means there are times when we must deal with the evil of this world. Thank goodness we don’t have to live there. Jesus has spread His wings so we can always find our safe haven under them. He has provided us with the perfect defense tools.
So put on that Helmet of Salvation and remove Satan's influence by trusting God...Believe God. Wear the Sword of the Spirit so that the evil thoughts won't find a foot hold. Wear the shoes of the Gospel of Peace and dance with Him. And the Belt of Truth will keep us from tripping over our skirts when we dance. He wants to dance with us. Can you see His hand outstretched? Can you hear His sweet voice asking you to dance? We'll never be wallflowers, because our Beloved always has His protective arm around us. Turn up the music and let's dance!

Should marriage between homosexuals be legal?

A recent poll by Gallup indicates the majority of Americans think it should be legal, in fact 53% think that way.

I've questioned Gallup poll results before but this one takes the lid off the pot. I am not prejudice against homosexuals, I am adamantly against their lifestyle and their actions since it that lifestyle is an abomination to the LORD. I'm being obedient in my beliefs.

However, this poll finding by Gallup I deeply question especially since only 28% of the respondents to the 2011 question below has this result.
1996-2011 Trend: Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?

What an amazing difference from 2005 which asked the simple question, "Do you believe marriage between homosexuals should be legal?" Since the change in wording of the question by Gallup's own admission, the slow acceptance of homosexual marriages has shown a marked increase since. When you read the methodology, you see the question was asked of only half sample in three years. Hmmmm.

Does that raise anyone's eyebrows except me? What about a shocked look?

Gallup has also drawn a correlation between the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law repealed by Obama and his minions and this "trend" of acceptance. Since my own research has shown me that the majority of the military deeply resented that repeal, and do not particularly want homosexuals to be open and blatant about their sexual habits, I must disregard this as a slight of hand correlation. 

I especially like what Penny Young Nance of reported Bishop Harry Jackson said of Judge Vaughn Walker's language in his ruling:

"The implicit comparison Judge Walker made between racism and marriage is particularly offensive to me and to all of us who remember the reality of Jim Crow. It is not bigotry, it is biology that discriminates between same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples."

Even in my basic research methods college class we learned from the beginning when questions change, wording changes or the method changes then the comparison's lose some credibility.

While I think polls are interesting, they still have +/- 4% to 5% accuracy; add to that the rather slippery way Gallup presented the questions, we have a brew in the pot that should be tossed out because it isn't fit for consumption.

Question: Do you believe marriage between homosexuals should be legal?

Raw study of Psalm 19

Psa 19:1 To the chief musician. A Psalm of David. The heavens are recounting the glory of God, and the expanse proclaiming His handiwork.
Psa 19:2 Day by day they pour forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.
Psa 19:3 There is no speech, nor are there words where their voice is not heard.
Psa 19:4 Their measuring line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world; in them He has set up a dwelling-place for the sun,
Psa 19:5 and he comes forth like a bridegroom from his canopy. He rejoices like a hero to run a race;
Psa 19:6 his going forth from the end of the heavens, and his orbit to their ends; and nothing is hidden from his heat.

Verses 1-6
Recounting -- H5608 ספר sâphar saw-far'
A primitive root; properly to score with a mark as a tally or record, that is, (by implication) to inscribe, and also to enumerate; intensively to recount, that is, celebrate: - commune, (ac-) count, declare, number, + penknife, reckon, scribe, shew forth, speak, talk, tell (out), writer.

Contrast between the Sun—ever constant even behind clouds—and the Lord God who literally does run the race and literally nothing is hidden from Him. Constancy so perfect that we know the hour and the minute when the first rays will peek over the horizon. Whether Man wants to recognize it or not, this is entirely for the service of Mankind.

They speak in the universal language, each hears in his own tongue the testimony of God the Creator of all the universe.

Matthew Henry: They plainly speak themselves to be God's handy-works; for they could not exist from eternity; all succession and motion must have had a beginning; they could not make themselves, that is a contradiction; they could not be produced by a casual hit of atoms, that is an absurdity, fit rather to be bantered than reasoned with: therefore they must have a Creator, who can be no other than an eternal mind, infinitely wise, powerful, and good. Thus it appears they are God's works, the works of his fingers (Psa_8:3), and therefore they declare his glory.

Compare the animals who walk on all fours to man who was made erect. The animals look down and contemplate the here and now, concerned with the things of survival where as Man looks up. It is an embedded thing for Man from our Creator, to know there is a Spirit and a realm which is other than ourselves.

Psa 19:7 The Law of Jehovah is perfect, converting the soul.
Of course God’s Word is perfect (whole and complete) it provides the counsel that guides.
The Testimony of Jehovah is sure, making the simple wise.
It is sure: 'âman aw-man' A primitive root; properly to build up or support; to foster as a parent or nurse; figuratively to render firm or faithful, to trust or believe, to be permanent or quiet; morally to be true or certain; once (in Isa_30:21; by interchange for H541) to go to the right hand: - hence assurance, believe, bring up, establish, + fail, be faithful (of long continuance, steadfast, sure, surely, trusty, verified), nurse, (-ing father), (put), trust, turn to the right.
God’s gives us faith and His word has proven to be true from the very beginning, so if we cannot believe faithfully, we can believe with reason because of His testimony.

Psa 19:8 The precepts of Jehovah are right, rejoicing the heart.
Having this guidance, we can throw off the burdensome worries and be glad that when we follow Him, when we are within His will, then our hearts are light, brightened and full of glee.
The commands of Jehovah are pure, giving light to the eyes.
Moral purity, Holy, Just, giving us a deep understanding of the world around us as well as understanding people and motives.
Psa 19:9 The fear of Jehovah is clean, enduring forever.
Morally reverencing God is טהר טהור ṭâhôr ṭâhôr haw-hore', taw-hore'
From H2891; pure (in a physical, chemical, ceremonial or moral sense): - clean, fair, pure (-ness).
The judgments of Jehovah are true, they are righteous altogether.
True: Trustworthy, Certainty, Assured Righteous: Morally Correct. and Both together at once.
Psa 19:10 They are more precious than gold, even much fine gold, and sweeter than honey and drops from the honeycomb.
Psa 19:11 Also Your servant is warned by them; in keeping of them is great reward.
Verses 7-11

Instruction is the Hebrew word Torah Torah H8451 תּרה תּורה tôrâh tôrâh to-raw', to-raw'
From H3384; a precept or statute, especially the Decalogue or Pentateuch: - law.
Notice it is the double word usage which means it is of intense importance.

Psa 19:12 Who can discern errors? Acquit me from secret faults.
Matthew Henry 1. He takes occasion hence to make a penitent reflection upon his sins; for by the law is the knowledge of sin. “Is the commandment thus holy, just, and good? Then who can understand his errors? I cannot, whoever can.” From the rectitude of the divine law he learns to call his sins his errors. If the commandment be true and righteous, every transgressions of the commandment is an error, as grounded upon a mistake; every wicked practice takes rise from some corrupt principle; it is a deviation from the rule we are to work by, the way we are to walk in. From the extent, the strictness, and spiritual nature, of the divine law he learns that his sins are so many that he cannot understand the number of them, and so exceedingly sinful that he cannot understand the heinousness and malignity of them. We are guilty of many sins which, through our carelessness and partiality to ourselves, we are not aware of; many we have been guilty of which we have forgotten; so that, when we have been ever so particular in the confession of sin, we must conclude with an et cetera - and such like; for God knows a great deal more evil of us than we do of ourselves. In many things we all offend, and who can tell how often he offends? It is well that we are under grace, and not under the law, else we were undone.

…Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee…

Psa 19:13 Also withhold Your servant from arrogant sins; do not let them rule over me; then I shall be upright, and I shall be innocent from great transgression.

Complete submission to the will of God, recognizing only God can cause us to live the Christian Life. When we submit to Him, He gives us the spiritual wisdom to recognize our own arrogance, and gives us the spiritual strength to turn our minds from that course.

Psa 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing before You, O Jehovah, my Rock and my Redeemer. 
God is the perfect filter for our mouth and mind. When He guards our thoughts, our mouth will will spew refreshing waters rather than caustic acid.