Slavery is freedom

Yesterday my SS teacher dropped in for a chat at work. She's so precious and I just love her. She came right to the point.

"Gina, I've been praying and praying and struggling with this. Would you take over teaching our class?"

At first I was deeply concerned that it was because the doctors found something more seriously wrong with her husband (he had surgery on his leg today). But, that wasn't it. She had been teaching for more than 10 years and since we've been team teaching that class, she was wondering how it would be if she was on the other side of the table. She told me she was very comfortable with it and with me teaching. Of course I set her mind at rest and said I would love to teach the class. I made sure that she wasn't going anywhere. I need her to teach at times I won't be able to be there because of work or to take Mom where she needs to go.

It is so humbling how God wraps up His gifts of blessings to His children in such wonderfully, beautiful packages. How He gives us honor when we least expect it and how He gives us praise at that time when we need encouragement the most. He is so GOOD.

I was writing about how freeing it is to be a slave to Christ. We don't have to worry about a single thing! Our food, clothes and home are provided as long as we obey and give reverent respect to Him our Master and Lord and Owner. What simple requirements but how hard they are to actually do.

However, it is true. I would rather be a slave to Him than to be a monarch of a vast land. I would rather have Jesus than anything this world could ever provide. AMEN.

Winging It

I recommend y'all go to Stan's place on Tuesday to read his review of the documentary
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Click the title of this post to go there.

Expelled No Intelligence Allowed

I am anxious to see this documentary that has caused such a stir. You would think that the atheists had come face to face with God the way everyone has been spitting about this movie with Ben Stein. I really like that man.

I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes which seems like a pretty cool site which aggragates thousands of movie reviews. Expelled is rated a 9% rotten tomato.

I also got an email from AFR in my inbox about it.

Have you heard of it, yet?

Answers in Genesis execs had an opportunity to see the film before it hit 1,000 U.S. movie screens on April 18. Their review said some really good things about it. I think I'd rather believe a Christian than an unbeliever.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has become controversial not only
because it exposes those academicians who persecute people who have a belief in
the appearance of “design” in nature, but also because the film is already
generating a negative reaction (including from some of the film’s subjects who
come off in a highly unflattering way, including famed atheist-scientist Richard

I'm thinking it just might be a very worthy view.

Another week gone by

Another week has gone by. Where is the year going? Time seems to be speeding up, and it's rather a great feeling.

If you came here looking for the book review "Trouble the Water" go to Upon Reflection.

I am still working on the website over at the Chamber. It started out like as just a few changes to make it look a bit more professional and has changed into a Gorilla. The more I do, the more it needs changing. It's actually a good thing. I've heard that learning new things keeps you young.

I think I'll revisit learning Hebrew... I'd like to be 30 again.

Upon Reflection

I have opened a new blog especially for my book reviews and the first chapter posts of FIRST. I noticed that all those reviews have been drowning the kind of posts that this blog was opened for. So...

I wish the 7 people that come here often would go check out the website that I designed for our Picayune Chamber of Commerce. It is not finished, but, I'm quite pleased with the front page. The other pages will take quite a bit of revamping. It is such a slow process. It is also rather frightening because I now know just enough to get me in really big trouble with HTML.

Another great thing is the John Adams (yes it's his real name) came in to see me today to talk about a real local internet TV station. I'm so excited about it I can hardly contain myself. So we'll have to get some sponsors and purchase the computer and camera so our local people can put their advertising with a continuous feed. I just love the idea.