Great answers!

You guys have such great answers to my questions.

Prayer is absolutely numero uno. And Josh, I also believe that God just lets you know. He opens your eyes to the things you can do (work) in the place where He wants you. He also points out the places where you could work, but someone is already in that place, doing a great job. It's that shoulder-slumping moment that comes after the Great Idea--Naw, someone is already doing the thing...sigh.

Does God open a person's eyes to something that needs doing or is it just a Gift thing? Do we do our work because God shows us it needs doing or do we do it because God gives us the motivation to do it? Is that the same thing?

Parent's beware

There is a children’s book just published called “The Higher Power of Lucky” by Susan Patron which, to me, has a disturbing first chapter. The little girl, listening to a recovery group, hears all about problems recovering (insert smokers, alcoholics, or over-eaters here)have to face. While listening, she hears about a snake biting a dog’s scrotum.

An outraged librarian has a huge problem with this book. She has received a huge amount of flack about her outrage, too.
This is like the R rating back in the 70s. R-rating back then is like PG-13 today. That book would never have been written for children in the 70s or 80s. It could only make it today.

The subject matter in that first chapter should be above a 10 year old’s head, but unfortunately it isn’t. This is the age of that cartoon character smarty Bart Simpson and King of the Hill and other such stuff that shows on Saturday mornings, which I had no idea had gotten so suggestive until I watched them with my step-granddaughter.

I’m on the outraged librarian’s side. If my 10 year old brought that book home in 1987, I would have called the school up and rocked the principal on her heels (using lady-like language, of course). If my step-granddaughter were to have brought that book home in 2000, I would have rocked the school’s librarian and the principal after first carefully explaining to my step-daughter why it was so upsetting–because, gasp, she wouldn’t know why.

It isn’t a children’s book subject matter. The first chapter incites interest in seeing a part of male anatomy simply because the protag is interested in seeing one–or not. Come on. Why is that even necessary in a children’s book?
These days, some children have to be worried about divorce, alcoholism, abuse among other things, because some parents seem to be indulging in a lack of self-control. Why do author’s of children’s fiction capitalize on the seamier side of life? I pray this isn’t the beginning of a trend.

I have never been an advocate of parent’s being responsible for the actions of their children. Now, I’m beginning to rethink that stance. It is a parent’s responsibility to be the kind of exemplary examples that will help their children’t to grow up to be pillars of society.

I am deeply disappointed that children grow up so fast these days. There’s no protection for them anymore.
They are exposed to things that make me shudder as an adult. TV shows, violent games, and stories where the end justifies the means are giving children the wrong ideas about what is right and what is wrong, if their parents are not diligent about what goes into little eyes and young minds.

It is so sad that a children’s book author has to write a story about 12-step programs inspiring a child to look for the Higher Power. There’s a word for that, but it may be too strong a word for “worldly sensitive” ears. I’ll say it anyway. Rubbish.
What is wrong with a children’s librarian wanting good books with good subject matter?

In this world of ours, have we become so jaded that we think children can’t be interested in stories like Beatrice Potter wrote? Or Joan Aiken? Or even Phyllis Whitney? Or must we all succumb to the spell of J.K. Howling?

Catch the hint, Hollywood?

Did anyone catch the bit on the news about the types of movies that make the most money?


No joke. Not one R-rated movie has made the #1 gross dollars since 1995 and last year not one R-rated movie made it into the top 10. Hmmmm

Guess who makes the most money out of our movie ticket sales? The movie theaters. They get approx. half.

I think I may be in the wrong business. Tomorrow, I'll post my research.

About to lose my lady-like demeanor

I was driving back to work after lunch the other day and just as I got to my turn off something came flying at me from the truck in front of me. This white thing tumbled onto the highway spewing ice and straw and whatever liquid was at the bottom of the cup. It was a government truck, too. You'd think...

It got me to thinking about character and how our actions expose our character when we least expect it.

In first grade, I learned that a tattle-tale has no sense of honor, and just wants to get as many people in trouble as possible. (She'll grow up to steal your boyfriend if given half a chance, mark my words!) I learned that red check marks on your report card aren't a good thing, but generally mean that "You talk too much"... Moi?

Later, I learned that many people will say one thing but when your back is turned will do/say something entirely different. Those people could not be trusted. I learned that the people who followed through with what they promised could be trusted in the big things as well as the little things.

Even later, I learned that entrusting money to a spendthrift only made that person's bad money management even worse. I also learned that when someone kept your secret, they could be trusted in a personal crises as well.

People that throw things out the window are the kind of humans that expect others to fix their messes; who will spew their emotional trash around for everybody to hear, never caring about other's feelings. Those people will carry around anger and bitterness and like an avalanche drop it all over some unsuspecting victim, with never a thought about it... leaving the mess in their wake, never looking back.

Beware of people who throw trash out their windows. They will never pick up after themselves.

up and running

It has taken forever it seems to get settled. We found a home and moved two weeks ago, here in this cute little town called Picayune -- means small and insignificant.

It has taken such a long time to get stuff out of boxes and to a point I can even sit down for a few minutes and blog. I am so glad to be back!

My job is wonderful. I am having so much fun, it doesn't seem like work at all. I didn't think that was possible since working in economic development, but I guess since writing is in my blood...

Anyhoot. I hope to pay y'all a visit soon.